Yes, Christians Should Have Amazing Sex & Other Good Clicks for Your Week

in no particular order 

good clicks for your weekend

1. Should Christians Have Amazing Sex? from To Love, Honor, and Vacuum

Marriage isn’t supposed to be blah! Sex is supposed to be stupendous–physically, emotionally, AND spiritually.” ~Sheila Wray Gregoire 

Sheila’s response to Relevant Magazine writer Rachel Pietka’s article – Christians are not called to have amazing sex. As a side note, I think Sheila is absolutely right and Ms. Pietka’s stance is dangerous and unBiblical. I believe Christians should have amazing sex lives – and as a Christian married woman, I have no problem admitting and love admitting that my husband & I have a great sex life! Was our wedding night sex awesome? Definitely not. Was honeymoon sex perfect? No. Do we have our problems? Yes. But overall, we work to please each other, encourage passion, and connect with one another on every level (physical, spiritual, and emotional), and we make sex an important priority in our marriage. What are your thoughts? 

2. Bedroom Value Menu from the Dating Divas

fabulous little twist on the fast food value menu complete with free printables to spice up the bedroom this week

3. Strip Trivia from the Dating Divas

How well do you know your spouse? If you don’t know them as well as you think, an article of clothing must come off. Steam things up in the bedroom while you communicate during this fun little game idea.

4. 4 Thoughts on Overcoming Boredom in the Bedroom from Calm, Healthy, Sexy

Ideas for bringing back the passion & excitement

5. Recharging Your Date Nights from The Romantic Vineyard

Have your date nights seemed blah lately? Check out Tom & Debi’s 11 tips for making date nights fun, relaxed, and a better priority.

6. How to Turn Him On & Get Naked from Intentionally Yours

Stop worrying about “being sexy enough” and start “being sexy” with your husband!

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In addition to #evesgarden of encouragement M-F, I’ve recently added #convostarter (s) for you & your spouse to discuss. The #discusswithus hashtag has been changed to #sharewithus & includes thought-provoking questions for you to answer & discuss with the BHE community on Twitter. Also check out the M-F #loveurhoney tips.



  1. Hi Hannah – Thanks so much for linking to my post! I really appreciate it. Gaye

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