I Love You to Pluto and Back… Infinity times Infinity

adam and hannah wedding day

26 years ago today, my darling was born. I am so blessed to be Adam’s wife, and I’m grateful for the time we’ve been able to spend together as a couple. When we were dating, I wrote a bunch of poems for Adam and one of them was titled, “I Love You to Pluto and Back.” Now I’d like to add… I love you, Adam, to Pluto and Back… infinity times infinity. Here’s a little tribute in honor of my husband on his 26th birthday – 26 reasons (using the alphabet) why I love him.

1. Authentic

He is genuine in his relationships, his walk with God, and his prayer life. He doesn’t try to hide who he is, and I admire that about him.

2. Beautiful

He calls me beautiful at least once a day… and that is beautiful. He also has a beautiful heart!

3. Christlike

He points me back to Christ with his love for me, and makes me want to know God more intimately.

4. Danger-braving

He kills the creepy crawlers for me, and he braves our cat’s claws at night when he puts her in the basement. Much appreciated!

5. Efficient

He is an efficient shopper – which I appreciate since I don’t really like shopping.

6. Forgiving

He desires to make up quickly when we argue and he’s always quick to forgive me.

7. Good Times

He’s my best friend. We enjoy spending time together, and doing lots of different things together.

8. Honest

I really admire how openly honest he is.

9. Integrity

Going along with honest and authentic, he has a strong sense of morals and ethics.

10. Just

He always wants to be fair in his treatment of his family, friends, me (his wife), and others. He wants to give people a chance.

11. Kind

His desire to please me is wonderful!

with the tie

12. Laughter

He can make me laugh and smile so easily.

13. Money

He includes me in financial decisions, gives me access to all the accounts, and trusts me with the budget.

14. Nudging

When I know what I need to do, but don’t want to, he tells me what I need to hear even if I don’t like it, and nudges me in the right direction

15. Obstacles

He likes to fix things, and I appreciate his willingness and eagerness to try.

16. Prayers

He prays with me nightly & we’ve been doing that since we were dating. I appreciate how deep and thoughtful his prayers are and how I can hear how broken he is before the Lord. You get the real Adam when you hear him pray.

17. Quell-calming

When a storm of tears comes or I’m having a bad day, he is the only person who can make me feel better with his big bear hugs!

18. Responsible

I can trust him, and rely on him to do what he needs to do.

adam and his beard

19. Sexy

It’s the beard… enough said!

20. Time

He shares his time generously with me.

21. Unique

He is his own person – a quirky individual.

22. Very, very, very Patient

He is incredibly patient with my quirks and character flaws.

23. Works Hard

He works hard to provide for me and protect me.

24. Xenia…

…is the Greek word for “hospitality.” Adam is hospitable, generously sharing with others, enjoying inviting people over and making sure they are comfortable and having fun.

25. Yummy Food

We both love a good meal… and we enjoy going out to eat regularly and eating a meal together at home… particularly pizza or strombolis.

26. Zany

Anyone who knows Adam knows that he can be crazy sometimes, but that’s what I love about him. He is fun to be around.

1st picture ever of us dating

The first photograph ever taken of Adam and I when we were dating – 6 weeks into our relationship.

adam and hannah at church

The most recent photograph of Adam and I… four years after that first picture was taken!

I love you, Adam for all these reasons and so many more! Happy birthday, my beloved! 

Yours Always, 

:o) Hannah 


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