To One of My Best Friends… For Her Special Day!

Hello all,

I’m going to be away from the blogosphere for a few days since I’m going to see my youngest sister, Alicia graduate from college. This is a big weekend for her, so naturally I want to spend as much time with her as possible, away from my computer. I will not have an electronic leash while I’m gone, so if you have questions, comments, concerns, etc, I may not be able to respond right away. Also I won’t be on Twitter so no #evesgarden and other regular tweets.


I want to take a moment to tell my sister, Alicia just how proud I am of her for graduating college before her 21st birthday! She is an inspiring, beautiful young woman, and I’m so grateful she’s my sister.

baby pic Alicia

When you were born, and Mom brought you home, you were so quiet. Now of course, you’re not so quiet anymore. In fact, you speak up for what is right, and stand firm by your convictions. You’ve blossomed into a gorgeous, independent, young woman!

This is for you!

 For all the times…

silly together

…you’ve been silly with me…

did not know what I was doing

…you didn’t know what I was doing, but went along with it anyway…

put up with my crazy friends

…you put up with my crazy friends…

talked on the phone

…all the long phone calls we’ve had together…

all the plays we put on

…all the plays we made up and acted out  (and our creative costuming)…

when we pretended to be sunglass models

…that time we pretended to be modeling for a sunglasses ad…

shades... nuff said

…shades. enough said.


…we rocked out to Switchfoot with me (full hair whipping rocking out) [unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that, but I do have this one of us from a Switchfoot concert)]…

trips to sf

…all our trips to San Francisco (Ghiradelli Square, Pier 39, fun times!)

performed with me

…you performed with me (and I’d add a special note: Alicia and I choregraphed, sang, and danced to the Sisters song from White Christmas in replacement of my father/daughter dance at my wedding. This was a very special moment for me!)…

putting up with me

…you put up with your bossy big sister…

blending with my new family

…you blended with my new family…

road trip

…our road trips…

beach trips …our beach trips…

Starbucks runs

…our Starbucks trips…

trip to the cross

…our trips to the cross…

decorated for Christmas together

…we decorated for Christmas together and of course, had loads of fun…

cheered for me

…you cheered for me (like after my group won an award for Film Fest)…

listened to me

…you listened to me…

laughed together some more

…we laughed together…

laughed together

…and we laughed some more…

all the times we argued

…we argued and made up because we love each other…

support me

…you’ve supported me (this was the day we saw a rainbow after I’d learned of Alex’s passing)…

celebrated with me

…you’ve celebrated with me…

alicia and hannah

Thank you doesn’t seem like enough! I’m so proud of you! You rock!

for friendship

You’ve been one of my best and closest friends in life!

Congratulations on this milestone achievement!

Love you, Alicia!



  1. Sis

    I really liked reading about all your fun times, nice pictures too. You have a beautiful life.

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