Marriage Moments Mondays BHE Link-Up Party (Add Your Links)


Hello fellow bloggers,

Welcome to the first ever BHE link-up party. I’m so excited to be including this on my blog now, and I can’t wait to get to know you and your blogs a bit better.

Just a few  quick parameters:

1. Share posts from your blog on the topics of Christian faith and spirituality [becoming “His” Eve], the single life & serving God, staying pure before marriage, preparing for marriage, the joys & struggles of married life, date night ideas (for married couples and dating/engaged couples), and marital intimacy [becoming “his” Eve].

2. Content unrelated to the above topics will be approved on a case-by-case basis.

3. Link back to the BHE community by including my button or using a text link. Please link to your actual post, not your main blog address so readers can link on the relevant post and not have to search through your blog.


4. Please take the time to click through and comment on at least one other blog. This is how we can support and encourage one another in the blogging community.

5. Please don’t link up to inappropriate content. Inappropriate content includes, but is not entirely limited to, anything racist or derogatory, sexist, lewd or crude, sexually explicit, and anything that strongly advocates or promotes an un-Biblical action or deliberately ungodly lifestyle. Your link will be deleted.

Thanks everyone! Have a God-blessed week!

:o) Adam’s Eve



  1. Love this, Hannah!! Thanks so much for posting a link up!!


  1. Think Beyond a Hallmark Card: Be Mom-Affirming | Becoming His Eve
  2. Together Time | The Generous Wife

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