Be Kind Challenge #1 and Good Clicks for Your Weekend

be kind to your spouse

Today’s Be Kind Challenge 

An anxious heart weighs a man down, but a kind word cheers him up.” (Proverbs 12:25)

What anxieties, worries, or fears do you hold in your heart? Instead of focusing on what is wrong in your life today, lay all your cares at God’s feet.

Today’s Challenge:  Speak kind words to your spouse to bring cheer to his/her day. Let them know you’re praying for him/her, and thank him for being a [insert adjective] husband or wife. Give them a compliment about his/her character. 

Remember to follow me on Twitter daily to see my suggestions for an act of kindness toward your spouse. Follow hashtag #kindhubby and #kindwife. Retweet and/or favorite at least 3 of my suggestions during the week and I will gladly give a shout-out to your marriage, home & family, or godly sex ministry blog and Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest-related ministry on my social media sites and next week’s Good Clicks post.

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And now for some Good Clicks… (in no particular order)

good clicks for your weekend

1. The Dream Marriage from Intentional Today >> What do you think are the ingredients of a “dream” marriage? 

2. A Virtuous Wife Will Capture Her Husband’s Heart from The Alabaster Jar >> when you struggle with lying… Jolene Engle is refreshingly honest in her approach (no pun intended).

3. When to Set Boundaries in Your Marriage from the Alabaster Jar >> is there someone in your life who is causing problems in your marriage? Jolene Engle offers superb advice!

4. Why It’s so Hard to Say Yes to Sex from To Love, Honor, and Vacuum >> Sheila addresses some of the common excuses that women give for not wanting sex and offers some simple, but great advice!


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