Couples Appreciation Month & I Want to Promote You!

April is Couples Appreciation Month. Commit to doing one act of kindness a day for your spouse over the next month.  What little acts of kindness can you do for your spouse this month?

be kind to your spouse

Starting this Saturday, follow me on Twitter daily to see my suggestions for an act of kindness toward your spouse. Follow hashtag #kindhubby and #kindwife. Retweet and/or favorite at least 3 of my suggestions during the week and I will gladly give a shout-out to your marriage, home & family, or godly sex ministry blog and Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest-related ministry on my social media sites and next week’s Good Clicks post.

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*Note of Caution: I will not follow or promote your blog or social media site if a) it offers unbiblical advice, b) it doesn’t fall into the parameters of a ministry or outreach, c) it doesn’t encourage and uplift my readers, d) it includes inappropriate content which includes, but is not limited to, anything racist or derogatory, sexist, lewd or crude, sexually explicit material, including photographs, or anything that advocates or promotes a deliberately ungodly lifestyle. 

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