10 Good Clicks for Your Weekend and Future BHE Link-up Possibility

good clicks for your weekend

Happy St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow! If you haven’t already, check out my post Kiss Me! I’m Irish! with tons of romantic, sexy, fun ideas for celebrating. Also check out all the Good Clicks I already mentioned (other websites with date night ideas!)

in no particular order… 

1. How Do I Get My Wife or Husband To Do [Blank]? by Jay Dee from Sex Within Marriage

Setting out to change your spouse? Think again. Jay does a wonderful job addressing this topic from a Biblical perspective.

2. Careless Words from a Life of Faith

Be careful with your words.

3. 10 St. Patrick’s Day Family Activities from A Little R&R

4. Will the Real St. Patrick Please Stand Up? from A Little R&R

5. Put a Little Love in Your Voice by Becky from Time Out

Loving little ones through words (and this applies to other relationships too).

6-8. 6 Ways to Navigate Financial Difficulties in Marriage

The Simple Life: Why it Matters

Protect Your Marriage: More Insights on Keeping Boundaries with the Opposite Sex 

by Ngina from Intentional Today

Excellent posts! So helpful. So relevant.

9. Become an Expert from The Generous Wife

…observe your husband!

10. Nine Tips on How to Spring Clean Your Marriage from The Romantic Vineyard

Awesome clever post for getting your marriage ready for spring!

Which of these good clicks did you most enjoy? I’d love to hear what was relevant and helpful for you. 

I’m interested in starting a weekly blog hop/link up party on BHE for you to add your own personal “Good Clicks.” It’s been my experience that blog hops and link-up parties are great and fun ways to share your thoughts, promote your blog, and encourage other bloggers.  I’d love to be able to promote your blogs and ministries even more so! Would you be interested? Please take the time to put in your two cents and take the poll.

Is there a particular day of the week that would work well for you? How long should readers be able to add links? Can one reader add multiple links from the week to his/her blog? 

If you have thoughts or ideas, please share in the comments below.



  1. Thanks for doing the digging for some great “golden” posts out there, Hannah. I see a few that I loved as well, but some I’m going to have to go check out soon! And I’d happily join your link-up and try to comment and join the discussion as often as I could. Some weeks or days are better than others, but I’m glad to see you’re thinking about taking the plunge, Hannah. You have a great space here, so I say “go for it, girlfriend!”

    • Thanks, Beth, your encouragement is always so appreciated. I’m excited about opening up to this possibility. I totally understand. Some weeks/days are better for me too and some are just a little crazy. I’m thinking of implementing this idea a couple weeks out.

  2. Thanks so much for the feature, Hannah! I appreciate you commenting on my blog so I could find yours.

    • You are most welcome, Becky. I’m glad I found your encouraging devotionals. Thanks for commenting right back.

  3. Thank you for highlighting my posts Hannah!

    I would definitely join the linkup! But I might not have time to read and comment each time, although i do my best to read other blogs linked up.

    For some reason, I missed out on that announcement by Google and just came upon the news a day or so ago. I use Mailchimp to deliver my posts but my rss feed is still Google. I’ll be checking up with the options mentioned here.

    • Hi Ngina, you are most welcome. I’m so glad I found your blog and connected with you. God’s many blessings, my dear sister in Christ!

      I’ve been shopping around… but so far, I like Feedly the best. The one that I wanted to try was full to capacity since the announcement of Google. Here’s the link to the official message from Google. http://googlereader.blogspot.com/2013/03/powering-down-google-reader.html

      • Thanks for the link Hannah! I’ll check it out. Michael Hyatt has recommended Feedly too.Thanks

  4. I’ve been using Netvibes. It’s pretty good. I’ve heard good things about Feedly, so I’m going to check it out today.

    I’d join in on the link up, but I’m somewhere between your first choices. I’d try to read and comment, but my time use isn’t the same everyday. Some days I could spend a fair amount of time reading and commenting and other days not so much.

  5. Yeah, I’d definitely be interested! Just need to figure out what I’m going to do without Google Reader!

    • Good to know! I’ve been trying out feedly, but I’m not sure I’m thrilled with it. It’s similar to Google Reader, and you can sync with GR with a few exceptions, and it lets you categorize things, but I miss being able to star posts I love (their option is save for later) and checking out archived posts I’ve already read without having to save them for later. I’m still looking for something, but GR is still the best in my opinion!

      • I’m going to be trying out Netvibes at Shiela Wray Gregoire’s suggestion. Nice thing is that you can import your feeds from GR.

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