Kiss Me! I’m Irish!

I love to celebrate holidays. I love any excuse to decorate and dress up, plan a themed date night, or cook fun meals. This Sunday, March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day. A total excuse to go green and enjoy some romantic, sexy fun!

For those of you who don’t know, St. Patrick was British-born in the 4th century and when he was 16, he was kidnapped by Irish raiders and held in captivity for 6 years in Ireland. During this time, his faith in God comforted him. He escaped and returned to Britain, but he studied to become a priest, and then returned to Ireland as a missionary.  While many of the stories associated with St. Patrick have been exaggerated over centuries of storytelling, some remain true. Because he had spent so much time in Ireland as a young teen, Patrick was familiar with Celtic customs and beliefs. He often incorporated these into his lessons about Christianity such as the Easter bonfire and the Celtic cross as the Irish honored their gods with fire and venerated the sun.*

Onto the celebration… Whether you try and celebrate every holiday like I do or you’re just looking for a one-time fun date night idea at home, St. Patrick’s Day provides a good excuse. The phrase “luck of the Irish” is associated with St. Patrick’s Day. While my husband and I certainly have Irish ancestry, as Christians, we believe we’re blessed more so than lucky. Here are some of my “blessed” ideas for March 17th!

  • Kiss lots! Even if you’re not Irish! Wanna take it up a notch? Try one or two of these 43 kisses to try on your next date night. Be affectionate and passionate. Go Ahead! Be “That” Couple!
  • Cook an Irish meal together. Pick out a nice wine to share, or an Irish beer, or simply root beer (our favorite is Barq’s)  if you don’t want an alcoholic drink. Or for a kid-friendly drink, try this delicious Shamrock Juice recipe. For a little ambiance for your dinner, try these easy to make shamrock holders for tea lights. 
  • For an inexpensive date night out, go share a Shamrock Shake at McDonalds together.
  • Count your blessings! Take the time on March 17th to make a list of how God has blessed you and your spouse. Type it up and put it on your fridge on some fun green paper. 
  • Look up and read Bible verses about the blessings of God and God’s generosity. Start with Galatians 3:13-15; Ephesians 1:3-10;
  • Create a blessing box together. Grab photos of you two (you don’t mind cutting up), magazines, or pictures off the Internet, glue, scissors, glitter, colored paper, stencils, rubber stamps and ink pads, colored pencils, markers, etc. I found a heart-shaped box at our local dollar store, but you can use any box really. Decorate the outside of the box together. Collect items that represent blessings in your life (i.e. photos, a toy car or old car key for a new car, a plastic coin or the first dollar you made together to represent financial blessings, memorabilia from things you’ve done together, etc) and place these in the box. Be creative. You might want to use index cards to explain what each item represents, or include specific Scripture passages that relate. You could do this over the week or collect the items and make the box on Sunday. Add to it throughout the year, or close it up and pull it out next year on St. Patrick’s Day. If you wait until next year, I suggest writing down some of your current prayer requests, and a year from now, see how God answered your prayers.

Here are some of the cute gift ideas I pulled from Pinterest for your spouse:

  • Fill a jar with “green” gifts and glue some fun shamrock or green ribbon around the top or the lid. Think green pens, gum, candies, shamrock stickers or charms, leprechaun key chain, etc. 
  • Cute idea for a guy/gal: Print up a cute little note that says, “Kiss me! I’m Irish” (or if you’re not Irish… “even if I’m not Irish.”) Attach to a package of spearmint gum or for a funny or for the dental-hygiene-conscious, put together a bag with green dental floss, a green toothbrush, minty green toothpaste, and a Granny Smith green apple.
  • ;o) INEXPENSIVE IDEA: Attach two chocolate kisses to a green plastic spoon and a little card that says “Kiss Me Now. Let’s Spoon Later.” Or you could make a bag of chocolate kisses to give your sweetie.
  • Here’s a cute “Rainbow in a Bag” idea with rainbow twizzlers and gold foil chocolates (or you could do Reese’s cups)! 

rainbow in a jar

  • Or try “Rainbow in a Jar” Marshmallows on top, Skittles in the middle, and gold chocolate coins on the bottom. 

Here are some of the easy, fun, and/or sexy date night ideas I also found on Pinterest:

  • The Romantic Vineyard offers some St. Paddy’s Day ideas. This is included in their “4 Myths of At-Home Themed Date Nights” series. I love their Irish games ideas.
  • Love Actually offers an adorable, sexy Shamrock-Saloon-Irish-Barmaid Date Night idea. Requires some prep and a kid-free, in-law free zone!
  • Check out these St. Patrick’s Day at home date night idea from Sincerely Smeda. Totally kid-friendly. Includes a treasure hunt. They recommend Leap Year for a movie night (adorable!) but another good Irish movie is The Quiet Man with John Wayne and Irish beauty, Maureen O’Hara.
  • The Dating Divas offer 3 creative ideas! Stage a Lucky Day for your spouse… because everyone likes having a lucky day! Spice up the bedroom with the One Lucky Leprechaun idea: 3 ways to add some romance this St. Patty’s Day! Love their 4 leaf clover idea for adding some sexy fun to your evening. Lastly, check out their Taste the Rainbow Date idea.

All these ideas and more on my Pinterest page: Go Green! Irish hatWhat are you doing this weekend with your husband? Do you have any special plans? How do you celebrate holidays and special occasions in your marriage? Have a shamrock-y green, blessed St. Patrick’s Day with your spouse this weekend!

:o) Adam’s Eve 

*Information taken from Who Was St. Patrick?

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“Messy Marriage: Real. Raw. Redemptive.”

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“To Love, Honor, and Vacuum…when you feel more like a maid than a wife and a mother.”

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Whenever I have a post, I add it here. Check out my entries under Spiritual, Meditation, and Religion, and Family, Parenting, and Marriage.

Whenever I have a post, I add it here. Check out my entries under Spiritual, Meditation, and Religion, and Family, Parenting, and Marriage.



  1. messymarriage

    You are such a great resource-giver and treasure-hunter, Hannah. I really appreciate all the time you’ve taken in this post to offer up some really fun, creative and helpful ideas for couples. I’m definitely going to use that 43 kisses idea for a hot date sometime soon!

    I want you to know that you’ve been a blogger that I’ve been impressed with along the way. I don’t know exactly when, but I really want to highlight your blog on one of my Wise Words, Wedded Wednesdays in the future! Great stuff, my friend!

    • Beth, I truly appreciate your kind words. I’m always encouraged when people enjoy my posts and the Lord speaks to them, encourages them, or uses my words for His greater glory and purpose. Blogging is time-consuming. It’s great to know someone else understands. You totally made my day. Thanks!

      ;o) Enjoy the 43 kisses date. I have to try it this weekend too!

    • Well said, Beth, and well done, Hannah. I love all the links that give great ideas for couples!

      • Thanks for visiting, Kim. I’m glad you are able to benefit from my obsessive link collecting. ;o) But seriously, I love doing it; I love any excuse to celebrate; and I love positively uplifting marriages that are serious about God and having fun!


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