7 Valentine Card Ideas for Your Husband, Day 10

Today’s Get Real Valentine challenge is Words of Affirmation 

Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24

Axe all negative talk today. Don’t let a single word past your lips that doesn’t build up your husband.

Extend grace to your husband daily, remembering to forgive as Christ forgives.

Inspire confidence by building your husband up when he feels down, and helping him to focus on the positive instead of the negative.

Orient your thoughts to focus on pleasing God (and pleasing your husband) as a mind steadily fixed on godliness will keep negative thoughts in check.

Uplift your husband with your words, both when he’s around and when he’s not around.

With Valentine’s Day on Thursday, now is the perfect time to think about what kind of card to give your spouse. If you don’t typically do this, or you think it’s just mushy-stuff, give it a try anyhow, especially if your husband’s love language is words of affirmation.

traditional valentine 2

For the Traditionalist 

Remember when you were a child and you cut paper hearts out of paper and glued on sparkly things, and then gave it to a special someone? Well, it’s time for the traditionalist to come out again. Collect construction paper, glue, scissors, glitter, paper doilies, and stickers. Lightly trace out a heart on a piece of paper first with a pencil. Cut the heart out. You can also cut out smaller hearts and glue them to the big heart. Grab markers or a glitter and glue and write a special message to the man of your life.

love letter kiss

For the Wordsmith 

If long sentences and flowery prose are your thing, consider writing your husband a love letter on a beautiful piece of stationary. Spritz the paper with some of your perfume and leave it on his pillow to find when he goes to sleep. Don’t know what to say? Try telling your husband what you love about him. Give him one of each – a physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual compliment. J over at Hot, Holy, and Humorous has some more tips on How to Write a Love Letter.

For the One Who Likes to Keep it Short and Sweet 

Straight and to the point more your thing? Try making a flip book with the alphabet, or simply print out each letter of the alphabet on one sheet of paper. You can write 26 of your favorite memories starting with each letter, or 26 attributes or character qualities you love in your husband, or even 26 thoughts about love that I’ve included below (feel free to personalize it).

A is for Always – always and forever will love you.

B is for Best – best thing that has ever happened to me.

C is for Choose – thank you for choosing me.

D is for Devotion – I’m devoted to you!

E is for Everything – You mean the world to me!

F is for Faithful – faithful and true I’ll always be.

G is for Grace – thanks for the grace you extend me every day.

H is for Handsome – Super handsome!

I is for Interesting – and you certainly make my life more of that!

J is for Just – just can’t get enough of you!

K is for Kick – I get a kick out of you!

L is for Life – Thanks for sharing life with me.

M is for Manly – I love your masculinity.

N is for News – I wanna shout our love from the rooftops!

O is for Out – Outta this world!

P is for Precious – So precious you are to me!

Q is for Quirky – and proud of it! So glad you love my quirks too!

R is for Real – Our marriage is the real deal!

S is for Sexy – Mmmm!

T is for Time – I treasure the time we spend together.

U is for Unforgettable – that’s what you are!

V is for Very – Very much yours!

W is for Work – Thanks for working hard for us, honey!

X is for E-X-tradordinary – You are extra special!

Y is for Yes – as in Yes, Again!

Z is for Zero – No one can replace you! You’re one of a kind!

For the Creative

52 Reasons I Love You – Complete Tutorial here. I did this last year for Valentines and it was a big success.

For the Ambitious One 

A gift for every hour until he comes home! Click on the photo above for more details.

For the Service-Oriented 

Create a coupon book for your husband. Not sure what to include? Make a list of chores your husband dislikes doing, and activities your husband enjoys doing. Create a coupon book with offers like, “One free back massage,” or “1 hour of gaming time on your computer,” or “Get out of Taking Out the Trash card.” Include romance and sex related activities! For free printable love coupons, visit The Marriage Bed here.

For the Gifter 

Love this idea from the Dating Divas – Plan a week of love and a “date night” using a few of your husband’s favorite things! It’s fun, requires a bit of planning, but isn’t too challenging.




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