Superbowl Sunday – What’s a Lady to Do? Day 3

Today is Superbowl Sunday. Whether you’re a Ravens fan or a 49ers fan, or maybe you’re just a football fan, this sport called football can cause a lot of grief among married couples.

football flag

Here are some great links for making “Football Night” or “Superbowl Sunday” more fun for couples.

The Lover’s Guide to Football

Football Date Night

Ironically, in my marriage, I love football, and my husband is only mildly interested in the sport and tolerates it because I love the game so much. I have been a hardcore fan of the Steelers since I was young, but this weekend, I will be rooting for the 49ers since I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Don’t throw things at me, Ravens fans!)

Here some of my own football ideas:

  • Toss around a football in the front yard and don’t forget to have fun tackling each other.
  • Make or pick up all of his favorite snacks to munch on during the game.
  • If you’re heading to a Superbowl party or watching the game at home and your sweetie (is like mine) and doesn’t like football, make sure to give him attention too. Cuddle together and hold hands while watching. Be flirty. Hey you’re married – you’ve got a great excuse!
  • If you’re heading to a party or watching the game at home and you’re not that into football, go all out anyway and try to give something he enjoys a chance. Wear team colors and cheer loudly with him. Ask him to explain the rules to you if you don’t get what’s going on (but make sure you do it during a commercial or you might get a menacing stare!)
  • Kiss during commercials. (Or if you’re alone, and I mean, completely alone, no one else around or walking in on you: stand in front of the TV during a commercial and flash him!)
  • Instead of watching the half time show, take him back to the bedroom and enjoy a quick romp in the sheets together.

Check out my Football Season Pinterest board for some great football snacks!

Today’s Get Real Valentine challenge is understanding.

Your marriage cannot thrive if you try and change your husband, or if you don’t allow him to be him. A healthy marriage is a balance – spending time doing things you like, spending time doing things he likes, and spending time doing things you both like. If you both love football, good for you! But if you’re the one that would rather watch a romantic comedy or perhaps he’s the one who’d rather be playing a computer game, be understanding.

Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.” Romans 15:7

  • Ask God to give you an accepting heart toward your husband. 
  • Be openminded about things that your husband enjoys.
  • Give your husband leeway or a pass card, meaning allow him his moment of fun. Don’t try to distract him, ask him to do chores or something else, engage in a heavy topic conversation with him, etc during the game.
  • Be positive. Don’t complain. (It won’t last forever! Extend him the same courtesy you would like granted to you.

For other thoughts on this topic, read Wait! We’re Different?!?, Stop Being So Busy, and Give Things He Loves a Chance.

WILD ROMANCE: Since the game doesn’t start until 430PM our time, we’re heading to the zoo right after church. This Sunday is a free visit day at our local zoo. I’m planning to give my husband this cute little frog figurine with a note:

HIPPO-Hooray! Let’s not MONKEY around & delay. It’s a TIGER-rific day for an unFROGgettable date! Be TURTLE-ly good. I’m not going to CHEET-AH and tell you the answer unless you guess correctly. So KANGAROO-HOP to it, and BEAR south so we can embark on our WILD adventure! I’m certainly not SHEEPISH when I say I TOADILY love you!

For ideas for a zoo romance of your own, click here.

Your Turn? Are you and your husband football fans? What’s something your husband loves that you don’t? How do you handle “personal time” and balance the relationship activities?  




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