I Love You to Pieces Date Night, Get Real Valentine, Day 1

“Get Real, Valentine!” 

Okay, if you said this to your husband, he’d probably say something like, “WHAT?” But confusing your husband (or offending him) is definitely NOT what this series is about.

We’re about to “get really real” in the next 14 days and see what it takes to make your marriage thrive. What does it take to authentically love and thrive in your marriage? 

Today’s “Get Real, Valentine” Challenge is peace of mind.  

“You keep [me] in perfect peace [when my] mind is stayed on You, because [I] trust in You. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord God is an everlasting rock.” Paraphrase of Isaiah 26:3-4 (NIV)

In order to truly thrive in your marriage, God has to come first in your your mind and heart.

  • Keep God at the forefront of your mind today. Meditate on His Word. Remind yourself that God’s peace surpasses all understanding.
  • Take any worries or concerns you may have before the Lord now, and ask God to purge you of any negative emotions that may cloud your relationship with Him or your spouse.
  • Set up the date with your husband right by praying for your time together beforehand. Whatever foothold the Devil tries to get into your mind and your plans, don’t let him in, and remember the LORD [Yahweh] your God is an everlasting rock – forever firm and totally trustworthy.
  • If you are striving with someone, and especially your spouse, make time today to make peace with them or set aside a few moments before “date night” begins to make amends with your husband. For thoughts on peacemaking, revisit my previous series on Biblical Peacemaking.

Words of Encouragement: 

As you’re prepping for the evening, text/email (or just give this as a note to your spouse tonight) your spouse: It really isn’t very puzzling why I love you (and then attach a few pieces of things you love about your spouse). 

Here’s some of the reasons I love my honey: He’s kind, wise, godly, encouraging, and he adores me!

Let him know you’re looking forward to spending time with him this evening.

Pieces of Love: 

My husband really enjoys pizza! Tonight, I’m serving him “pieces” of pizza since Papa Murphy’s has a Heart Baker pizza special right now. I’m picking up Reese’s Pieces as that’s one of his favorite candies. And our activity? A puzzle! Set up your own at-home “I Love You to Pieces” Date Night.

  • Make your own heart puzzle card. Here are a few suggestions: Don’t Get Puzzled, Valentine and Heart Jigsaw Puzzle. I’m planning to write “I Love You to Pieces” on my card. Place in a white envelope for your husband to pull out and put together. (I suggest not making this card into 1000 tiny pieces if you want to have an enjoyable romantic night together, especially because, in my case, my husband will be hungry when he comes home and I can’t easily hide the food.)
  • If you aren’t doing this date tonight, you could send your husband and invitation. Cut a puzzle piece shape in heavy card stock. Write “We’ve got a piece of work cut out for us tonight! Meet me at 8PM” (or whatever time you’re doing this date night.) You could also make this puzzle piece card for your centerpiece. Glue your cut-out puzzle piece to a heavy folded piece of card-stock to make a stand-alone card. Inside, glue your heart puzzle card envelope for him to figure out.
  • Pick out puzzles based on your interests together. (Adam and I are Star Wars fans and we’ve got a Anakin and Amidala puzzle & we put together a Darth Vader puzzle last summer).
  • If you have time and money, buy a puzzle mat. Walmart offers several low-cost puzzle game mats that will save you time and energy trying to pick up all the pieces or transferring your puzzle afterward.
  • Another idea is to purchase a puzzle frame. Check out the dimensions of your puzzle ahead of time. You don’t need to buy any special matting. You can just glue your puzzle pieces on a sheet of heavy card stock or poster board (trimmed to size). This way you can save a special memory of your date night together.
  • Set the scene. You may not want to dim the lights so you can see what you’re doing, but you can light candles. Play some fun, relaxing music.
  • Serve “pieces” of pizza. You could also bring out your nicest dishes to make it more romantic. Who says pizza has to be served on throw-away plates? On the other hand, dollar stores have fun packages of Valentine plate ware if you want to make things more festive and for easy clean-up.  Whatever is easiest for making your night of romance better! [If pizza is not for you, try “pieces” of your favorite finger foods for dinner. Some suggestions include: cheese cubes/sticks (you can make yourself), small lunch meats, crackers, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts, fruit kabobs, finger sandwiches, carrot/celery/bell pepper strips, shrimp, etc.]
  • Don’t forget for dessert – pieces of his favorite candy. My husband likes Reese’s Pieces. If you’re a bit more ambitious, try this scrumptious Reese’s Pieces Cupcakes recipe.
  • Engage in a meaningful, authentic conversation together over dinner and the puzzle. Too often we have what I call “blah-blah-blah” or “filler” conversations, nothing that really connects you as a couple and fosters emotional/spiritual intimacy. In the next 14 days, make intentional, “get real” conversations  a priority. Need some ideas on how to get started? Try 50 Questions to Ask Your Spouse on Date Night or The 15 Minute Date.
  • Give your husband a “piece” of the action! Invite him into the bedroom for the close of your evening and give him a chance to enjoy his favorite “pieces” of you! Make time to unite your two puzzle pieces making the whole! Pearl over at Pearl’s Oyster Bed has a beautiful post about physical, emotional, and spiritual libido (and it’s especially helpful for low-libido wives)!

**Pictures of our date night (minus the action) to come!!**

Your Turn? Share your puzzle piece date memories with us. What about this date night idea appeals to you? 

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