Readers Questions: New Year! New Design! and What Would You Like to Read on BHE?

question puzzle piece

Editor’s Note: Next week will be the first official Friday Feedback. Join me for the answer to these awesome questions from some lovely ladies – perfect for the New Year: The Top 5 Lessons I’ve Learned in My Marriage & 5 Areas I Want to Continue Growing In!  

Intro: I like to think of questions as pieces to a puzzle. Questions pump our creative juices, promote healthy curiosity, connect us to community, and get us thinking more deeply about ourselves, our relationships, and our world. This visual of a “question puzzle piece” is so perfect for my blog.

I would like to revamp Friday’s Q&A this new year. Every Friday (barring major illness, emergency, or holidays/vacations), I will answer (or include a guest post to answer) a reader question. This time I want to call it Friday Feedback.

I want to give my readers the opportunity to ask me questions about life, love, relationships, dating, marriage, sex, the Bible, God, struggles, womanhood and femininity. I want to provide a forum where we can have engaging, Biblical discussions about these topics and can support, encourage, and challenge each other in a safe, healthy, faith-based environment.

***Please continue reading below to vote on what you would like to see on the blog!***  


While I welcome questions from all my readers (male or female), I will not realistically be able to answer every question that comes my way on my blog. I guarantee to give everyone who asks appropriate questions a response via email, even if it’s to pass them along to someone with greater expertise or to pray for you. Sometimes I will be able to combine questions and answer them collectively.

What is an inappropriate question? I’m glad you asked.

  1. Not all questions from men will be answered directly on the blog. Please see here for more specifics.
  2. Some question/comment material is highly sensitive or relates to a difficult subject matter and may not be published if I don’t normally cover the topic on the blog or I determine it would be more appropriately answered via email for a variety of reasons (i.e. to protect identity, to handle more delicately, to answer in more depth, to specifically meet a need, etc). This is solely up to my discretion.
  3. Any questions/comments unrelated to blog content, including or linking to inappropriate content, or added solely to promote your blog, organization, ministry, etc or someone else’s content for the purposes of pure advertisement will be disregarded. Inappropriate content includes, but is not entirely limited to, foul language, anything racist or derogatory, sexist, lewd or crude, sexually explicit, and anything that strongly advocates or promotes an un-Biblical action or deliberately ungodly lifestyle.
  4. No pictures, photos, or video footage or personal contact information of any kind will be published. 


Your privacy and identity is important to me!

About Comments: All comments below blog posts are posted “pending” so as to filter SPAM and inappropriate content. You will be required to leave your name and email (neither is published). You may choose to post anonymously in the name slot, but email is still required.  This is collected by WordPress and is unseen by me (the author of the blog). You may leave a link to your website or blog (but again, this is posted “pending.”) Links to outside content are subject to dismissal, if I, the author, deem the content un-related, inappropriate, or otherwise unnecessary. In some cases, this may mean your comment isn’t published at all.

About Email: The email link does cause you to leave this site, but the link is perfectly safe and secure. You will be asked for a name and an email. You may choose to remain anonymous and use a pseudonym. I do see both your name and email address, but I do not under any circumstances, publish, trade, or sell your information for profit or otherwise or use your information to SPAM you. If at any point, you do not wish to receive any further email contact or information from me, please kindly let me know via email.

Outside Contact:  In the efforts of full disclosure, at times, I may direct you to other Christian marriage or godly womanhood blogs, websites, or content, or I may consult with a godly Christian mentor, teacher, counselor, or pastor to better answer your questions, concerns, or comments. Most times, especially on delicate subjects, I will ask your permission before doing so (and you may remain anonymous), but not always. This, again, will be up to my discretion.

Response Time

 I will do my best to answer your blog and email questions/comments in a timely manner, but please be patient with me. My first priorities in life are God and my husband and sometimes blog-related activities fall by the wayside. Also I pray over every question before answering to make sure I’m specific, Spirit-minded, and sensitive in my replies, and sometimes I consult other people. This does take time.

Over the past few months, I’ve received a large number of questions that I’ll strive to answer. Several have been farmed out to other Christian marriage bloggers (in a non-specific, general manner) to answer in future guest posts. If you feel your questions aren’t answered quickly or specifically enough, or if you fall through the cracks (I apologize), please feel free to send me a follow-up email to check in on my progress.

What Do You Want to Read on BHE? 

I want to give my readers the opportunity to vote on what they would like to read on BHE. You can vote on more than one option if you like. I’d really appreciate it if you give me feedback in the comments below as to why it’s important to you that I cover the specific subject  you voted on, just so it will help me in the decision making process.

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  1. Michele ºÜº

    I’d vote but I am interested in practically all of the ideas you have. ;) Although I’ve been married for 25 years, my son just got married so even the newlywed posts are of interest to me. (I’m new to your blog and have not read through your archives yet, but will be doing so, as I get some time. I have one child left that I am homeschooling, as I have already graduated the other two; I compile a newsletter for my local homeschool support group and am always looking for information to share with them. {I don’t see your policy on reprinting your content.})


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