16 Ways to Make Post-Holiday Chores Fun & Sexy

Do chores together. Not only will you get things done faster if there are two of you, but it will make regular drudgery more fun. Studies show that husbands who pitch in with chores make their wives happier and more willing to have sex. Researchers in the Netherlands have found that “the key to female arousal seems to be deep relaxation and a lack of anxiety.”

A word of caution: These tips are meant to be fun and lighthearted. Don’t be manipulative about it – you are NOT bribing him or forcing him to do something so that he’s a “good boy” so that he gets what he wants. Don’t promise your husband something and then not follow through on it. And even if you don’t get everything done, don’t withhold physical love or sex. It isn’t a bartering system but rather a shared responsibility, as equal partnership leads to more satisfying sex lives. 

Invite him to join you in the chore to spend quality time together and make your minds/bodies more stress-free and ready for relaxing, romance, and maybe even a rendezvouz in the sheets.  

1. Pick your least favorite (inside-the-house) chore and do it together in the nude. This is a good one to pick if you’re home alone, don’t have kiddos yet or they are in bed, or you no longer have holiday guests.

2. Make a chores schedule and a chart to hang on your refrigerator or some other common place.

If your husband is prone to forgetting what you asked him to do, use color coordinated post-it notes in strategic places (i.e. the steering wheel, on the coffee grounds, or the bathroom mirror). Get creative with your task requests.

For example, if you want him to help you dust the living room, put a note on his computer or X-box games: Blow-up dust mites with a weapon of your choice (i.e. dustbuster, feather duster, or wet wipes) Reward included. Or if you want his help shoveling the driveway, leave him a package of “snowballs” on the table with a note and invite him to a snowball fight with you as you shovel the driveway, promising to help him out of his “sweaty” clothes afterwards. ;o)

3. Fold laundry while watching a favorite television show or movie together. You can do the chore absently while enjoying a program together.

4. Crank up the stereo late at night (just kidding) really, really loud while you vacuum up stray pine needles and leftover cookie crumbs. Invite your spouse in for some dancing in between doing rooms.

5. Set a timer and only do tasks for 15-20 minutes at a time. When that bell dings, go and kiss your spouse passionately for a minute.

6. Get all your thank-yous out within 2 weeks. My husband and I are terrible at sending thank-yous, and this really saves us. Count up the number of Christmas cards and gifts (from a single household/family). Divide by 14. Then divide that number by 2.

For example, you got 12 Christmas cards and 26 gifts, so you need 38 thank-you cards. 38 divided by 2 is 2.7. Round up to 3 and you and your hubby can each do 3 a day until the 2 week marker. (Unless of course, your number is higher than 5, then you may want to extend the thank-yous to 3-4 weeks. Use your discretion).

(And don’t use the excuse, you can’t find the address… you can still write the card and put the person’s name on the envelope even if you have to go hunting for the address). Make it a competition. Whoever turns in the first set of cards completed during the day, that person can claim a sexual favor (i.e. sensual massage, makeout session, lap dance).

7. Not sure what to do with all your holiday leftovers? Pack them up to give away to needy families or individuals in your church or neighborhood. Make it a point to talk with the families/individuals for a little bit when you stop by. Brighten their post-holiday season!

8. Got a real tree this year? Find out when your local city tree pick-up dates are. Encourage your honey to undress the tree together by promising to un-dress yourself when you’re done. Make love under the tree before taking the “christened” tree out to the curb. You may want to leave the twinkle lights on for ambiance.

9. Pick up large clear plastic storage bins from your local store (or if you have to run to the store for anything else), and give your husband incentive to go along by grabbing lunch together just the two of you. These will help you organize your Christmas decorations that you’re taking down. Choose different colored bins to help you coordinate for each room in your house, making for easy discernment for what’s in each box next year.

10. Before you put away all your fancy/fun holiday dishes, serving platters, or silverware, have an intimate picnic for two. Spread out a blanket on the floor of your living room, light some holiday candles, and play Christmas music for the last time this season. It doesn’t matter if you’re having cold cuts or leftover Christmas ham and potatoes. Make it fun with the special dishware. Whatever dishes you don’t use, wrap them up carefully together when you’re finished and take turns washing/drying the ones you do use.

11. Pop some popcorn and walkthrough each room in your apartment or house together deciding how to reduce clutter. For each gift you received, give one away. If you got a new outfit, pick one you’ve outgrown or hardly wear and donate it. If you got the same gift from different people, take the items to the store for an exchange or pass it on to someone else who will enjoy it. If the new craft supplies you got is making the supply drawer overflow or the kids toys bin is too full, pick out doubles of items or outgrown/hardly used items to pitch or give away.

12. Borrow your husband’s tool belt and fill the pockets with cleaning supplies, sponges and dust clothes, and the cordless phone for easy access. I always run into the problem when cleaning of not being able to get to the phone when my husband calls from work. Make it simple so you don’t have to go hunting for supplies, don’t backtrack, or make your husband wonder why you can’t answer the phone. Plus, who knows? He’d probably be turned on if he comes home and finds you in his toolbelt, all sweaty from cleaning, ready for him to help you out of your clothes! 

13. Pucker up and pull your husband into the pantry while you go through expired or unused canned and packaged food items. 

14. Wake up early with your honey, bundle up, and feed the birds and little critters in your backyard with leftover scraps of bread and baked goods. Watch the sun rise higher in the sky with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Celebrate some intimate, quiet time together out in God’s creation.

15. Save wrapping paper, gift bags, and bows that can be used again. For items that can’t be used again, challenge your spouse to make an “outfit” for you when you can enjoy some private “grown-up” dress-up together!

16. Make use of those holiday gift cards and certificates. 

Enjoy a meal out with your honey with a restaurant gift card.

Treat yourselves to at least one  food item you both enjoy but you don’t usually get with grocery gift cards.

Peruse what’s in theaters with your husband and plan a movie date night with movie certificates.

Take your husband with you when you gas up the car and go for a private drive for two with a gas gift card.

Got a beauty store/spa gift certificate? Be thoughtful and use some of it to select a scent or a beauty product you know your spouse will surely enjoy.

Bring your man along if you get a major retailer gift card and pick out something practical [household item that will help cut down on cleaning time or something you’ll both enjoy], something  silly [a comedy DVD, a funny plaque for your wall, nerf guns, a fun board game], and something to spice up your romance [from an outfit to body paint to  a fun new scent for a couples bubble bath].



  1. Great ideas! And I love the idea of grabbing a few minutes together to smooch between chores. (good informational link, btw)

  2. I dont know how I found your blog, but coming from the trenches against femenism it is nice to see women that actually like males.

    • Thanks for visiting. I definitely “love” my husband, in addition to “liking” him greatly and I want the world to know it!


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