6 Foods to Spice Up Holiday Sex, Day 30

*Editor’s Note: What If I Don’t Feel Forgiving Toward My Husband? has been moved to this post to make this material more readable. All quoted material and scientific facts taken from Eat Something Sexy

1. Cranberries are actually an aphrodisiac. The berries brighten a room and a meal with their pretty red hue, and they pack a power punch of health benefits. Rich in Vitamin C and A, they are clinically proven to help keep sex glands running, and help promote a healthy immune system.  They’re full of antioxidants, aid the circulatory system, and are a good source of fiber, keeping you fit and ready for hot and heavy action. Pump up your libido with these little autumn rubies.

Serve up some cranberry dishes for a romantic meal. Try this website with recipes for Baked Cranberry Brie and Cranberry Pork Chops. Try this Mulled Cranberry Cocktail recipe. Try these dessert recipes:  cranberry ice cream piecranberry cherry crumble, or cranberry apple pie.

2. Apples – did you know the ancient Greeks would toss apples up in the air to “the apple of their eyes” and if the maiden caught it, it was as good as an engagement? These fruits are super sweet and juicy, and their antioxidants help boost anti-aging abilities.

Serve up some baked apple brie as an appetizer, pop some bubbly sparkling apple cider (or tickle your taste buds with apple champagne), and try one of these delicious apple main dishes: apple halibutapple pork chops,  or whole wheat autumn apple pizza. To set the atmosphere, try these beautiful apple candles.

3. Ginger – a sweet, spicy, and erotic food (in addition to scent). I happen to really enjoy perfumes and lotions with ginger. Ginger can increase the skin’s radiance and natural glow. It also decreases inflammation (so guess what? ground ginger is actually good for acne flare-ups – and who doesn’t want clear skin for when you’re making love?). Ginger also increases circulation and sensitivity in erogenous areas.

Serve your lover honey ginger chicken breasts or garlic ginger beef over rice. Try this pumpkin ginger pound cake as a dessert with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

4. Maple syrup has a sweet sensual allure that most people are unaware of.

Like honey, it can give the body that quick fix of energy at a key moment but it adds a more distinctive flavor to foods than its golden cousin. Like honey, it offers a quick energy fix. It’s a great source of manganese (fights free radicals and is essential to reproductive health). It’s also a “good source of zinc, essential for healthy blood flow (without which orgasm becomes an impossibility.”

So pour on the pure maple syrup on your sweetheart’s pancakes, waffles, or French toast. Or try Maple Syrup Dumplings. If you live near a syrup bottling company, plan a visit this autumn or winter.

5. Did you know that your favorite holiday treat – pumpkin – is an aphrodisiac? In fact, the combination of pumpkin and lavender are said to be one of the most arousing scents to men. (Your next perfume maybe?). Pumpkins are packed with antioxidants and the seeds are full of zinc, boosting blood flow below the belt.

Perhaps this is why Adam and I love pumpkin pie so much. ;o)

Light a lavender candle and bake a homemade pumpkin pie for your man. Toast pumpkin seeds 3 ways – sweet & spicy, curried, and black tea & butter. Make your own spiced pumpkin butter to spread on your pumpkin bread.  Serve baked stuffed pumpkins with sausage and apples to serve with pumpkin dinner rolls. Or try maple pork chops with pumpkin risotto.

For more pumpkin recipes, check out my Ideas for Autumn board on Pinterest.

6. Pomegranates have been known to treat depression and winter blues, and boost one’s immune system.

November is National Pomegranate Month. Pomegranates are traditionally thought of as a “love food,” or an aphrodisiac. Here some ideas to incorporate pomegranates into your married life. Make today all about the sweetness of your love.

Try breakfast in bed “Adam-and-Eve” style complete with oatmeal and banana pancakes with pomegranate syrup, some slices of bacon or sausage (for your manly man), and a blueberry, pomegranate smoothie (or simply a cool glass of pomegranate juice rich in vitamin C). Or if you don’t have time to make the pancakes, throw some pomegranate seeds, fresh or frozen berries (of your choice), and banana slices over oatmeal.

Take turns reading to each other from the book of Song of Songs which uses pomegranates to describe the fruits of love.

Let us go early to the vineyards
    to see if the vines have budded,
if their blossoms have opened,
    and if the pomegranates are in bloom—
    there I will give you my love.” Song of Songs 7:12

For an after dinner treat, try this drink recipe from the Food Network called Between the Sheets.

Or for the non-alcoholic version, try mixing 1 part pomegranate juice with 2 parts sparkling (non-flavored or berry-flavored) water or club soda, and add a few berries for a garnish if you like.

Create ambiance: dim the lights, build a fire in the fireplace if you have one, light some candles, and turn on some mood music. Feed each other pomegranate seeds. Click here for tips and techniques to de-seed and eat a pomegranate.

Take some time to work on your man’s “sweet spots.” Let him know what you love about his body.




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