You’re the Love in My Sail Date Night, Day 28

Date Night:

You’re the Love in My Sail

You can be the sail in my love boat.

You can be the captain, and I’ll be your first mate. 

Heat things up at home. Invite your husband for a night of romance aboard the “ship.” If you have the money and want to spend it, purchase a sexy sailor costume, or just grab navy hats for you and your husband. You can also browse thrift and consignment stores for pieces for your costume.

Set the mood with a sounds-of-the-ocean music cd. Grab inexpensive ship and ocean decor from the dollar or discount store like boats, netting, fish, starfish,  buoys, anchors, and sand.

Serve up a delicious fish dinner like the classic fish and chips with pina coladas, or try one of my favorite dishes – gingery salmon with peaches – served over rice and with a side of garlic bread and cooked zucchini, squash, and carrots. Serve with a glass of white wine or sparkling white grape juice. Try this delicious vanilla custard pie recipe for dessert or raspberry shortcake.

Pick out a great high seas movie to watch together like The Perfect Storm, Swiss Family Robinson, Free Willy, or Flipper and munch on some goldfish or Swedish fish together.

For some “sexy” fun, inflate a kiddie pool or do this in your bathtub. Pick up some plastic fish toys at a dollar store… ones that look like this:

Number each of the fish with a permanent sharpie marker. [You may need to use a different color from black if it doesn’t show up well the first time – try red.] Then grab an index card for each fish. Number the card, and then write a sexual favor on each card, corresponding with each fish. Take turns fishing out “favors” from the water. Make some waves with your favors  and be creative…

You give me cabin fever. Time for a two minute hot-and-heavy makeout session.  

Pull out your compass. Direct me to a part of your body you’d like massaged.

All hands on deck. Massage your partner’s chest or breasts. 

Thrown in the brig. Tease your partner with a strip show or a lap dance, but they can’t touch you.

Walk the plank. Pick a favor of your choice.  

Abandon ship! a.k.a. take off all your clothes





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