24 Ways to Sweeten Up Late Autumn Romance, Day 24

1. Coffee Shop Date

Treat your husband to an early-morning date at a local coffee shop. Pick out a seasonal drink and snack (like a caramel latte and a pumpkin cream cheese bagel).  Sit near a window to enjoy the autumn scenery if possible, or near a fireplace (if the establishment has one). Coffee always gives you a warm and cozy feeling. Scoot closer to your honey and do your devotionals and pray together while sipping your beverages.

2. Football Tailgating

Hanging out, eating, and drinking on the tailgate of your vehicle before a college or professional football game can be loads of fun and a unique romantic date or a great double/group date. Typical tailgating food includes burgers and dogs on the grill with cold beer and plenty of pop cans on hand. Toss the football around the parking lot together, or a frisbee. Crank up your stereo. And if it’s cold, don’t forget a blanket to snuggle under. Check out my Game Day Festivities board on Pinterest for ideas on what kinds of munchies/drinks to bring.

3. Fall Foliage Viewing

Going for a drive to enjoy autumn foliage is a classic date. Go somewhere you’ll see lots of fall hues – red, gold, orange, and yellow. Pack a scarf, a picnic lunch, and the camera. Enjoy taking in God’s creation.

4. Camping Getaway

Pack up for a night or two and go camping or hole up in a cabin! Get away from everything and everyone. Build a roaring fire and snuggle close to roast marshmallows, sip some wine, and slow dance under the stars. And bundle up under the blankets to keep each other warm… among other things ;o) Try this fun autumn twist on s’mores!

5. Rake Fall Leaves

Make a morning or afternoon of raking up autumn leaves together. Jump in a pile or two, chase each other around the yard and stuff leaves down each other’s shirts, and play wrestle in the leaves.

6. Take an Autumn Walk

The sounds of crunching leaves set the stage for romance as you walk hand in hand and arm in arm, enjoying sweet conversation.

7. Make Ice Cream Sundaes

Try some fun autumn flavors like cranberry sorbet, apple pie ice cream, pumpkin cheesecake ice cream, and gingerbread ice cream. Drizzle on some caramel sauce and crushed Oreos, or for a fun twist, drop on some candy corn. Grab two chilled spoons and feed each other.

8. Hayride

Find a local ranch or farm that offers late autumn hay rides that follow a scenic route (and if it’s in the moonlight, even better!). If you can find one that offers something extra like hot cocoa or apple cider, go for it! Snuggle up close to your honey with a blanket.

9. Apple Cider Mill

If you’re blessed enough to live near an apple cider mill, take full advantage of it for an afternoon date. Watch how cider is made, sip samples, browse kitchen products at the country store, and enjoy sweet apply desserts.

10. Learn how to do latte art! 

Surprise your honey with art atop his coffee in the morning. This is a great website with ideas for how to do a flower or a heart on top of your coffee.

For some seasonal latte recipes, try Pumpkin Chai Latte or Pumpkin Spice Mocha.

Not a coffee guy? Try Pumpkin Spice White Hot Chocolate or Hot Buttered Apple Rum.

Not ambitious enough to attempt latte art? Decorate glass coffee cups with a drizzle of caramel like this.

11. Get lost in a corn maze.

Hold each other’s hand and work your way through a corn maze… or blaze your own trail ;o)

12. Shop for holiday gifts together. 

It’ll be more enjoyable, you can help each other out, and you’ll be able to resist the temptation of over-spending more if you’re together. When you’re done, wrap gifts together. Here’s a steamy idea… cover yourself with bows and nothing else and invite him to join you in the bedroom to “unwrap his gift.”

13. Make fudge. 

Got a sweet tooth? Don a sexy apron (and maybe nothing else if you’re adventurous), ask him to put his arms around you, and make fudge together. Try this peanut butter fudge recipe.

14. Make pumpkin pie or gingerbread play-doh!

Bring back childhood memories. Challenge each other to sculpture building contests.

15. Make a gingerbread house! 

Enjoy this fun pasttime. Get a gingerbread house kit to make with your husband, or try this fun Thanksgiving twist – Thanksgiving Teepees.

16. Visit a winery. 

Nothing says late autumn romance like a delicious wine. Take a tour, sip some samples, and take a bottle home for an after dinner glass.

17. Stargaze. 

Dress warm, drive out to a secluded spot (or find a private spot on your own property), and watch the moon rise together in each other’s arms. Bring a bottle of bubbly or a thermos of hot cocoa. Lay out a blanket and some pillows Pick out autumn constellations. Make love under the stars.

18. Go horseback riding.

Find a local ranch or farm where you can ride horses. Ask for the most docile, easy-going horses so you and your husband can enjoy a leisurely afternoon. Gallop off into the sunset together.

19. Arcade Date

Beat the weather blues by heading indoors to an arcade. Bring plenty of coins. Grab a slice of pizza and a pop. Challenge him to as many games as you can from racing cars to air hockey to skeet ball. Promise him a “prize” if he wins.

20. Geo-Cache Date 

Plan a geo-cache scavenger hunt. Gather special keepsakes, photos, and small toys your man will enjoy. Place each item in a airtight waterproof plastic sandwich bag. Write a sweet note and tuck it in each one. Use a GPS unit or a smart phone app, and hide items along a hiking trail or in a local park. Hide your items out of plain sight. Give your man GPS coordinates to the first hiding spot. At each subsequent item he’ll have GPS coordinates to the next spot. Follow him along the trail, or be waiting for him at the end of the hunt. Finish your trip with a romantic autumn picnic in a secluded spot.

21. Take in a local cultural event: (parade, fair, festival)  

22. Create a candlelight dinner in your backyard 

…complete with autumn favorites like squash, turkey, and apples!

23. Game Night with a strip element 

Pull out a deck of cards or a favorite board game. Get creative and offer your husband the “reward” of one item of clothing for a pre-determined action like for a certain set of cards turned in or a certain property acquired (Monopoly) or certain squares you land on. Adam and I are fond of playing Strip Risk… or promise sexual favors if you don’t want to end up naked before the game is over.

24. Chili and Action Movie Night 

Nothing says warm up in autumn like chili. Make a nice meaty chili for your man, and then snuggle under a blanket after dinner and watch a favorite action movie of his!




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