23 Fun Things to Do The Day After Thanksgiving, Day 23

Purpose to not buy into the commercialism of Black Friday and make today all about celebrating your marriage, enjoying each other’s company, and having fun! Make today all about play!

1. Sleep in and cuddle with the one you love.

2. Go ice skating…even if you don’t have the greatest balance. Ice skating can be incredibly romantic, and you’ve got a partner to catch you if you start to fall… or perhaps one who will join you and your rear on the ice!

3. Go bowling or find indoor mini golf. Adam and I went mini golfing on our honeymoon in the middle of winter. You don’t have to get all bundled up when your indoors, plus it might be fun to challenge your honey to a game of air hockey or skee ball.

4. Volunteer at a local organization – a soup kitchen, a retirement home, a homeless shelter. Start the spirit of the holidays off right by serving others for the joy of the Lord!

5. Visit a local museum or an art gallery. Find a favorite piece or display and tell each other why you like it so much.

6. Take a day trip somewhere fun. Play tourist. Stroll down the streets together walking hand in hand. Eat at a local restaurant. Check out the local historical sites or a free museums, galleries, and exhibits. See if there are local events. Find something that interests the two of you and do it! Bring your camera along and snap lots of shots. Purchase a mini album at your local dollar store and after the weekend, print them out at home on a photo printer or take them to your local Walgreens, Walmart, or similar store to have them print the pics for you.

Adam and I are planning to head to the Santa Cruz Mountains for an overnight to see the sites. Should be fun! ;o)

7. Do something artsy together. Find a local craft place that lets you make your own art like glass blowing, pottery painting, or watercolors. Or pull out your art supplies and make art together at home. For some real color fun, tack a cheap large white sheet to a wall in your garage or basement. Make sure the area is clear of any furniture you don’t want to get splattered and wear something you wouldn’t mind getting color on. Attach balloons filled with different color paints. Take turns popping the balloons with darts or pins.

8. Grab a seasonal drink – from a peppermint mocha or gingerbread latte at Starbucks to hot apple cider to eggnog – and stroll through a local park. Make sure to toast your loved one!

9. Bake Christmas cookies. There’s something wonderful about freshly baked cookies that shouts, “Welcome holiday season!”

10. Pull out boardgames and challenge your honey and all your relatives to some ridiculous wacky fun. Try Apples to Apples, Cranium, Taboo, Quelf, Encore,  Scattergories, and/or Last Word.

11. Take in nature. Bundle up and go hiking or take a walk around the neighborhood. Be on the lookout for seasonal birds and animals. Take some birdseed or bread crumbs to feed any critters you might find (within reason, of course. Be safe!)

12. Go cut down your own Christmas tree together if you can. Bring it back and pull out all your holiday decorations. Hang up Christmas lights. Enjoy decorating your home with holiday decorations, and feel free to throw a little tinsel in your spouse’s direction.

13. Pull out Christmas music and do some Christmas karoke with your relatives. Or push aside the furniture and turn your living room into a Christmas dance party.

14. Pack up leftovers from your Thanksgiving meal and bring it to a lonely or elderly neighbor. Bring a Christmas card with you and Ttake a few minutes to talk, to brighten their day.

15. Head to a gym together for a workout. Work off all those rich foods you ate together. Challenge each other to a laps contest (in the pool or on the track) or to a sweaty game of basketball. Come home and hop into a steamy shower together. Don’t forget to massage all the “good parts.” Your husband will appreciate it!

16. Work out at home with a Wii Workout or Kinect Workout. Take turns picking an sport or activity for the other person. I particularly like the dance workouts. It’s a chance to have some fun, burn some calories, and get a little wacky.

17. Visit a local zoo or aquarium together. Take advantage of guided tours and free movies. Don’t forget to pick up a fun souvenir for each other in the gift shop.

18. Visit a planetarium. Enjoy the splendor of the heavens. Or bundle up, grab a thermos of hot cocoa,  and lay out in your yard to take in the sights of the skies.

19. Toss around a football or a frisbee in the front yard. Get that blood pumping and breathe in the crisp autumn air.

20. Enjoy some freshly popped popcorn, snuggle on the couch, and watch a movie together at home. Pick a holiday flick in theaters, hold hands while waiting in line, and don’t forget to steal a smooch or two on occasion. It’ll remind you of your dating days.

21. Build an outdoor campfire. Grab sticks and roast marshmallows and hot dogs. Or make a Williams family favorite – mountain pies. Here are some easy to make recipes.

22. Go to a concert. See a symphony or ballet. Check out a local band at a coffee shop or club. Support the local arts.

23. Go to a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Enjoy the magic of the lights, the carols, and the start of the holiday season!



  1. monty

    Thanks for the info. Not married yet we are courting/dating.


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