11 Ways to Heat Up Thanksgiving Romance, Day 22

1. Start a Thanksgiving tradition together from putting together a puzzle to singing karaoke to each other to tossing around a football in the front yard to making a special dish together. Be creative and have fun!

2. Snuggle together and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade together. For every commercial break, get up and stretch your legs, give each other a big hug and a kiss (and if no one else is around, throw in a little makeout session).  Or for every commercial break, tell each other one thing that you are thankful for about the other person.

3. Thanksgiving dinner is usually a big meal and it tends to be served early (at least in our family). Get up a little early and make your honey a yummy breakfast for two to tie you over until dinner. In my family, French toast is our tradition, but you can make these fun pumpkin pancakes recipe I like also.

4. Buy or make each other a Thanksgiving card to reflect how thankful you are for your wonderful spouse. Write love letters to each other, letting your spouse know he’s your perfect gift!

5. Build spiritual intimacy. Worship together. Sing songs about thanksgiving like We Gather Together and Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow. Read Bible verses about Thanksgiving. Pray together and thank God for His many blessings.

6. Let your husband help you cook. Two in the kitchen is far more fun and romantic than one. Have him pick out some music to listen to while you both work. Dance a little in between stirring and mixing and baking. Steal a smooch or two as you set the table together.

7. If you have a fireplace, throw on some logs and let them crackle. Kick off your shoes and snuggle on the couch or the floor for some post-meal chatting while sipping a glass of wine or curling up with some hot cocoa or cider.

8. Consider a Thanksgiving Day walk together in the afternoon while the turkey’s cooking and there’s down time or after dinner together. Stroll together arm in arm and enjoy the solitude. Even if it’s snowing, you can still enjoy the beauty of the day.

9. Make each other a Christmas Wish List. It doesn’t have to just be gifts that you desire, but also include suggestions for activities, projects you may want to tackle this holiday season that you’ve never done before, or ways you want to love each other and be loved by each other.

10. Pick out a Christmas devotional to read together once December starts. Begin building holiday spiritual intimacy. Purpose to make “Christ” the center of your “Christmas” season.

11. Simply put…make love!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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