19 Ways You Can Love Your Husband While Traveling,Day 19

Editor’s Note: I will be away on vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday until next Wednesday. All serieses are being suspended until then. 30 Dates in November will continue throughout the week. 

Today my husband and I are flying to California to visit family for Thanksgiving. Flying, and traveling in general, can be hectic. Here are some tips for keeping the romance going and loving your husband even during travel.

1. Help your husband pack. Guys frequently dislike doing this task. Show him some extra-special love by picking out his clothes and packing for him.

2. Hold hands everywhere! Kiss frequently.

3. Slip a sweet treat for you and your husband to share on your trip (If you’re flying, one that is  airport security approved. Anything pre-packaged and unopened or in a sealed plastic container is okay).  My husband likes Reese’s Pieces, Butterfingers, and Boston Baked Beans. But pack healthier snacks too like apples or oranges, grapes in plastic zipped bags, and energy bars.

4. If you’re driving somewhere, make a mix playlist on your portable music player or a mix cd with songs celebrating your love together. If you’re taking a train, bus, or airplane, don’t forget headphones, a headphone splitter, and extra batteries.

5. For airline/train/bus travel, bring a deck of cards or mini games like mini checkers, mini chess, travel Battleship, or Phase 10. You can even create your own crossword puzzles here about your relationship or some hobby you both enjoy.

6. It’s important to stay hydrated when flying. You can’t bring drinks through airport security, but you can bring empty, dry water bottles through. Pack these in your carry-ons and fill with water at a drinking fountain once through security. Your husband will appreciate the thought.

7. Don’t expect him to carry your bag everywhere. Remember this when packing. Make sure it’s something you can manage on your own. But if he does offer to carry your bag, be sure to thank him and give him a kiss as a reward.

8. Hunger and exhaustion can cause irritation which can lead to bickering. Avoid it altogether by getting a good night’s sleep the night before you travel. Bring a travel pillow and blanket (or a comfy jacket) for each of you to use for sleeping if you need it. During waiting times in the airport (or train/bus station) and layovers, make sure that you get something to eat and drink.

9.  Set a budget before the trip and agree to stick to it. Allow a little wiggle room for unexpected expenses and fun. The last thing you want to do is go on your trip and not do anything because you want to stay within budget or come back from your trip and realize you spent a fortune and start arguing.

10. Bring a hostess gift for his mother-in-law (or another female relative) if she’s hosting. He’ll appreciate the gesture, and so will she.

11. If you’re uncomfortable having sex in someone else’s home, talk it out. You can be “frisky” without full-blown love-making. Get creative. And if someone hears you, someone hears you. You’re married. They can deal with it!

12. Give yourself time away from the relatives and the festivities for just you every day even if it’s just 15 minutes at night before bed. Ask grandma to watch the kids.

13. Don’t neglect your personal devotions together. Make time to spend time with God even in all the hoopla!

14. If you’re staying in a hotel, make use of hotel resources from complimentary beverages or meals to swimming pools, workout rooms, and spas. If they offer babysitting services and you have kids, go ahead and splurge a little for some “couple time” alone. Pay a little extra for romantic niceties if you can afford it from rose petals to turndown service to a bottle of bubbly. Anything to keep you in the mood while you’re traveling.

15. Disconnect from media. You’re on vacation. If you’re at a family dinner, shut off or silence your cell phone. If you’re spending time with your cousins and siblings, don’t check your emails every five minutes. Give your husband and your family your full undivided attention. They will be sure to appreciate it!

16. Take photos and collect mementos from your trip even if you’re just spending Thanksgiving at your mom’s house. It’ll be fun to look back over the memories from your trip no matter how short it was.

17. If you can, take the day after Thanksgiving off to relax and be with family. And give your husband an hour or two alone if possible to “be thankful” for each other. ;o)

18. Give your husband the space he may want when hanging out with his dad, brothers, male relatives, or your male relatives. Let him enjoy being a “guy” without interrupting him.

19. Enjoy your time together no matter what. Even if your flight gets delayed and your luggage gets lost and your great-uncle can’t remember your husband’s name yet again. Purpose to have fun!



  1. You hit on my trick for time away with my husband in a round about way: I pre-plan where we will eat and help him pick out his choices from the menu! He gets overwhelmed and always asks me what he’ll like! Thanks for linking up with us at No Ordinary Blog Hop. Every blessing, Kelly

    • My husband is a picky eater so it makes it difficult to settle on a place that’s within our budget and someplace we’ll both like. That’s when pre-planning is a lifesaver! Blessings in your marriage!

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