Breakfast in Bed with a Twist, Day 17

No month of dates and romance is complete without the breakfast in bed date!

Step One: Let him sleep in and stay in his pajamas. Get up extra early and stay in your pajamas (or something romantic and intimate) to cook breakfast.

Step Two: Fail safe menu should include French toast and fruit (preferably berries). Try one of my favorite French toast recipes: Baked French Toast Casserole, French Toast with Coconut Syrup, or Strawberry French Toast. Serve a favorite beverage (i.e. coffee, tea, hot cocoa, cider, juice) or get fancy and pour sparkling cider into champagne or wine glasses and garnish with fruit. Don’t forget your men’s favorite side of meat (i.e. bacon, sausage, ham).

Step Three: After enjoying a meal together in bed, choose an activity that you can do in bed. Pull out board games or deck of cards to play. Revisit childhood and pick up coloring books and crayons at the local dollar store and challenge each other to draw pictures within a certain amount of time. Read each other Saturday morning cartoons.

Step Four: Finish your morning fun with a good, old-fashioned lip-locking session followed by a romp in the sheets! (And if your man is like mine and goes to work even on Saturdays, he’ll really appreciate this final gesture of love!)

Or if you miss breakfast in the morning, you can always pretend it’s morning in the evening. Send your man into the bedroom (or his office) while you cook up your breakfast surprise!



  1. I’m planning to do this in 18 months. That’s when our youngest child leaves for university! Although…it seems that every time one child goes off somewhere, that’s the weekend another child unexpectedly comes home for a visit (read–they are hungry, need money or have a hockey duffel bag full of laundry.

    • Don’t have any kids yet, but I can imagine. Perhaps that’s when you hang out a “do not disturb for the weekend” sign. Just kidding… but seriously, not being a mom yet, I can’t relate, but some of the best advice a married woman ever gave me is husband must come first – before chores, before career, before kids, etc. She said if the kids go to bed without a bath and the dishes don’t get done in the evening every once in awhile, the world isn’t going to end. Of course, you’re on the other end of life… but the principle still applies, I think.

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