Loosen Up, Lighten Up, Day 14

Did you know that today is Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day?

Help your husband lighten up and laugh.

Pick up a book of jokes at the library and try them out on your husband.

Try this fun twist on “Twister.”

Clip funny cartoons out of the local newspaper to share.

Rent a comedy to watch together.

Swap funny memories.

Let your husband know what makes you laugh.

Read each other a funny children’s book.

Take turns doing things to make the other person laugh. The other person will try to be serious. First person to break and smile and/or laugh owes the other person a “favor.”

Help your husband loosen up.

Draw a bath for him or step into a steamy shower together.

Give him a massage while you watch TV/movies, shower/bathe together, or just when he initially gets home. For massage ideas, check out my Sensual Massage post if you haven’t already.

Give him a long embrace.

Do something fun and relaxing together.

Play a game of sensual charades.


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