Warm-up, Workout Date, Day 11

With the weather changing and temperatures dropping, you’ll most likely be spending more time indoors. Purpose to stay active together this winter.

Working out together as a couple can strengthen your physical fitness and your relationship. Exercise is proven to boost your mood, help you fight various diseases, increase your metabolism, helps you manage stress, gives you a positive outlook on life, and allows you to engage socially with others.

According to the Mayo Clinic, exercising with your spouse can improve your love life too – it makes things interesting with friendly competition, releases hormones associated with pleasure, increases passion levels when you’re engaging in an activity together that you’re passionate about, motivates you to stick it out when you’d otherwise give up, improves your communication skills, and strengthens your ties with your partner in between strengthening your muscles.

If you’re working out with your partner today, who knows? You might just head for the sheets when you’re done! ;o) And if not, you’ll still get a great work-out and get to enjoy each other’s company.


> Enroll in dance classes together. Or dance in your living room to some active music like big band jazz or salsa.

> Go swimming at a local pool together. Challenge each other to laps or a race across the pool. Winner gets a “prize” from the loser.

> Toss around a football on your front lawn or throw a frisbee to each other.

> Stretch together, giving each other a gentle push or soft pull in the right direction.

> Go hiking together in the mountains.

> Go roller blading or roller skating together.

> Head out for a nice long bike ride together.

> Go for a jog or run on a nearby nature trail together. Pack a yummy trail mix! (Or if you’re less ambitious, try power walking).

> Shoot some hoops at a local court. Often you can find them in the park or a community center. Or try your hand at tennis.

> Play a game of mini golf together. Challenge each other to an air hockey in an arcade.  You might be saying how is this active? Well, when things get intense, you’ll get a workout for your arms.

> Lift weights together at the gym. Run the treadmill.

> Try your hand…and your feet at a climbing wall.

> Rent a workout video from the library or try a Wii fitness program (or something similar together).



  1. Walking and hiking are our usual go to activities. We have had a dance class on our goal sheet for over a year now. Perhaps we need to look at that after the new year! Who knew the additional benefits? ;-D

    • We love walking and hiking, and biking when we get the chance. On occasion, swimming when the weather is good. Exercising together has many wonderful benefits in a marriage.

  2. We love to go hiking together as a family. It’s one of our favorite activities. We live in a city with over 100 waterfalls, so in the summer we go exploring to find them and the kids (and I) love to play in the falls and the pools at the bottom.

    • 100 waterfalls? How fun! My husband and I love waterfalls, but we don’t have any close by. What a great activity to do with your family!

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