10 Fun Ways to Flirt with Your Husband, Day 10

Romantic Act of the Day: Flirt!

Who says you have to stop once your married? Flirting is a great way to laugh together, uplift each other, affirm your love, and show others around you that you’re happily married and you’re not afraid to show it!

1. Send him fun, flirty text messages… all day long! Adam especially appreciates it when I compliment him, let him know that I’m praying for him, and when describe how much I “want” him when he gets home.

2. When you’re stopped at a stoplight, lean over and plant a big wet one on him. Adam and I really enjoy doing this. He also appreciates it when I play with the back of his neck and run my hands through his hair while he’s driving. Just don’t do it too much or you’ll run off the road.

3. Praise your husband in front of other people. Men desperately need respect from their wives, and a great way to affirm him is to find something he does well, and praise him to others… right in front of him! Perhaps his cheeks will even get a little red… (just don’t embarrass him too much.)

4. This one isn’t original. It’s from Sheila Gregorie over at To Love, Honor, and Vacuum: Have a secret code phrase! My husband and I definitely have a few of these phrases floating around for when we are “in the mood.”

5. Touch him briefly. Brush your fingers across his chest when you get up to go get something. Grab him when he’s walking by and give him a quick kiss. Reach for his hand and give it a squeeze when you’re watching TV together or reading. When he steps out of the shower, place your hand ever so slightly on his chest, lean in, and say, “MMM.” When you’re out to dinner, keep absently touching his hand. Leave him wanting more!

6. Steal a moment together whenever you can. If the kids are busy playing, pull him into the hallway and kiss. If he gets up to replenish the popcorn bowl or drinks, follow him into the kitchen and kiss. If you’re walking with friends, lag behind for a moment and smooch. Give him a sultry “come hither” look. He’s bound to appreciate it!

7. Compliment an unusual body part of his that you find attractive. Don’t focus on eyes, hair, lips, rear, or private parts. Pick something new like his shoulders, thighs, ears, or hands. Example: I particularly love my husband’s beard and chest hair as it’s so masculine.

Tell him it’s sexy, and then ask him if you can kiss him there. Of course, he’ll say yes. Trail soft little kisses all over this particular body part. Linger a while and then ask him to pick a body part on you and do the same. Chances are high you’ll turn him on. Perhaps you’ve discovered a new way for foreplay.

8. Do something that will make him laugh. Whether it’s an inside joke you two share or it’s a particular way you say something, enjoy the moment with him! It’s hard to make my husband laugh so I have to work extra hard, but he does appreciate it when I do.

9. Use different things to tease his “sweet spots”  when it’s just the two of you alone in the bedroom. Where are these? Does he like being kissed behind the ears? Does he get a thrill when you play with his inner thigh? Does he enjoy it when you tickle the skin between his belly button and groin? Find a spot and then lightly trace over it with your hair, your breasts, or even your jewelry.

10. Let him admire you. If he likes your legs, shave and wear a pair of high heels and a skirt and then walk by. If he’s fond of your rear, find an excuse to bend over in an exaggerated way and shake your tush a little. If he likes it when you wear your hair down, let it flow down and shake your tresses for him when he arrives home. Or if it’s just the two of you around, seize an opportunity to “flash” him. Smile! Show him those pearly whites and let him know you love him.



  1. Lauren

    I love this post! My husband and were just married in June and we discovered on our honeymoon that I am very good at dancing (the exotic variety), which he absolutely loves. It has turned into a really fun way to flirt with him, and his response always gives me an awesome confidence boost since flirting like this involves putting it all out there!

    On another note, keep up the great work with BHE. I love reading your blog and I am so thankful for the encouragement. We are doing our best to start the right way and put Christ first in our marriage so that it will become second nature to turn to Him when things get difficult. Your posts definitely help me realize when I am selfish, and they keep showing me new ways to enjoy our marriage to the fullest. I pray that I can continue growing this way to help my husband and I grow closer to Christ and each other. Thanks again!

    • Congrats on your new marriage, Lauren. Welcome to the family. I’m excited for you that you’ve been finding fun, exciting ways to bless and please your husband. I’m so glad he’s appreciative and supportive. That’s a wonderful blessing to have in a marriage. Confidence is such an asset when it comes to the marriage bed so it’s fabulous to hear your new hubby is helping you build on it. May your love for and commitment to one another continue to flourish!

      I’m also blessed to hear you want to start your marriage strong and centered on Christ. This is so key to the health of your marriage. Build good habits now early on as you’re growing together and getting to know one another.

      God’s strength, grace, and peace to you.

  2. “My husband likes it when I go braless, even if I have a shirt on, like when we cuddle while watching a movie or a TV show and especially when it’s just the two of us around in the house.” You left this comment at SensuousHappyHubby in Oct. of last year. Couldn’t leave a comment there for technical reasons so this seemed like an appropriate place and time after reading #10 above.

    Bless you for being thoughtful and sensitive to his visual pleasure and being a very willing participant. FYI, for him, as well as you, the feel physically and psychically thorough that thin barrier of cloth is very different and has that “naughty” aspect to it that keeps sex FUN, not just a satifying release providing connection and bonding. Pleasure by its very nature should involve fun.

    “My husband likes it when I go braless, even if I have a shirt on…”. I love how you added the quailfier hinting that you are willng to go totally topless for him for his pleasure, and hopefully yours too. Most wives would not be willing to go about in a skirt, jeans, or panites with no top. It’s great the two or you are are so comfortable and natural with your sexuality. That’s as it should be in a marriage, but more often than not isn’t. More power to you. You can never go wrong with a guy with glasses and a beard or a girl with long auburn hair. i may be a little prejudiced there, but I’m entitled to my opinion.

    Signed up for new posts via email. That makes me subscriber 100. Congratulations on the century mark!

    • Well thank you for hunting down a way to leave a comment. Yes, we both get pleasure out of my actions. It brings me pleasure to bring him pleasure. Currently, with our living situation, it’s a bit difficult to “be partially naked” just anytime, but any chance we get, we try and take advantage of the moment and not take it for granted. My husband enjoys doing similar things for me also, often returning the favor, when possible. I’m so grateful to be a wife who’s so comfortable with her sexuality. I know many wives aren’t. I hope to encourage more wives to let loose and embrace their sexuality as a God-given gift and to grow more comfortable with being “sexy” (whatever that entails) with their husbands.

      Thanks for being the 100th subscriber! God’s blessings!

  3. Flirting is healthy and fun! Thanks for linking up with us at No Ordinary Blog Hop. Every blessing, Kelly

    • My husband and I love flirting. Keeps us on our toes and adds a bit of fun to our day.

  4. That’s a really good list. Well done.

    • Thank you, Jay. Flirting is very healthy in a marriage.


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