Saving Money on Date Night but Still Having Fun, Day 3 (and Good Clicks for Your Weekend)

I’m all in favor of saving money on date nights… but still having fun!

Start your evening right with a healthy mentality. Laura Brotherson from Strengthening Marriages has some date night tips for stepping it up a notch. Check those out here.

1. Did you know that it’s Sherlock Holmes Week? This idea isn’t original, but it is oh so cute!

Here’s one from the Dating Divas – Just the Two of Us – Sherlock Holmes Date

Here’s one from RuralMom – Date Night: Sherlock Holmes and Beef with Stout and Dumplings

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy a little Holmesian fun at home with your honey!

2. I shared these two ideas back in April during my Love is in the Air Dare Challenge.

Photo Credit: Sherrie Ship

***$5 (or maybe a little more)*** Are you coffee or tea drinkers? Get inexpensive drinks at a local coffee shop or Starbucks. Bring a board game to play. Enjoy the atmosphere together. Often times coffee shops offer free entertainment too – like jazz nights or local bands. Check your local paper, on your city’s Internet webpage, or with the local tourism organization for more details.

***$3 or less*** Wendy’s has delicious 99 cent frosties. Head to your nearest Wendy’s and pick up a frosty for each of you or pay a little extra and share one together. Feed each other. Hold hands as you eat. Take a walk (weather permitting) or sit in your car with a little mood music on in the background. Enjoy the deliciousness of a frosty (for only 99 cents) and the company of your spouse (priceless).

3. Check out some of these Good “Date Night” Clicks!

Intentionally Yours presents Friday Five: Date Night from pumpkin picking to dollar store deals to painting each other up!

Fall Date Night Ideas arrives from The Romantic Vineyard 13 date ideas – all sorts of festive autumn fun 

Great suggestions from The National Healthy Marriage Institute – Stay At Home Dates 


Good Clicks for Your Weekend 

1. Marriage Lessons from a Bicycle Built for Two

The Alabaster Jar

2. Romance or Sex: Which Comes First?

Do Not Disturb – Are you a practical romantic, or a passionate one?  What about your spouse?

3. Practical vs. Passionate: Invite More Romance into Your Marriage

Do Not Disturb

4. Appreciation in the Bedroom

The Daily Generous Wife

5. What Sex Means to a Man

Laura’s Strengthening Marriage Blog

6. Salt & Pepper

Intentionally Yours – Do you complete your spouse or compete with your spouse? 



  1. so the question for me is….which are you? Practical or passionate? Thanks for the link up again!


    • Hi Megan, My guess is you’re asking because of my opening line in this post: “I’m all in favor of saving money, but still having fun.” I would say I’m more of a passionate romantic, but I understand the practical necessity of saving money as it pleases my husband and it’s good stewardship to manage our finances well. I try to honor him by picking out easy, inexpensive date nights, as he tends not to like spending money. I can’t always have elaborate dates, but we can still make the ones we have incredibly romantic. Adam and I once took Monopoly to Wendy’s and got frosties for a date night… inexpensive, but so much fun, and we spent the evening kissing and flirting in between turns (something I initiated) in the spirit of not getting too competitive.

      • Kim

        I think you’ve hit an important point here, Hannah. Dates do not have to be elaborate and/or expensive to be delightful and memorable. I think spending lots when you are struggling with your finances or working to get out of debt can be counter-productive because you might be adding unnecessary stress to the relationship.

        • Exactly true! Thanks for visiting today, Kim!

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