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“Therefore encourage one another, and let each one help to strengthen his friend, as in fact you do.” 1 Thessalonians 5:11 (Weymouth New Testament) 

1. Symptoms of a “Me-Marriage”: Marriage Challenge                                                                 Do Not Disturb

As you read through these, please don’t think to yourself, “My spouse suffers from all of those symptoms!”  Instead, pay attention to this list yourself.  How do you spend your time?  Where do your obligations truly lie?  If we’re all honest with ourselves, each of these symptoms will creep up every now and then. But when these symptoms aren’t just symptoms, but a way of life, that’s when it becomes a full-fledged Me-Marriage.

2. 15 Ways a Wife Can Strengthen Her Marriage                                                                            The Alabaster Jar

When applied, all these things will cause you to be an excellent wife, one who is a crown to your husband!  Now, are these things easy to do?  Not even close!  It’s a daily dying of our sinful nature as we choose to live a life that is pleasing to the Lord.  So, can we overcome our flesh?  Why, yes!  Yes we can with Jesus!” 

3. Sex Tips for Wives – 10 Dos                                                                                                        Sensuous Happy Husband

4. Sex Tips for Wives – 10 Don’ts                                                                                               Sensuous Happy Husband

5. The Biggest Problem in Our Marriages and Our Spiritual Lives                                           The Peaceful Wife

“Our God counts idolatry as the worst of sins.  It is the same to Him as adultery would be in marriage.”   

6. 10 Ways to Handle A Spiritually-Unequal Marriage                                                                The Alabaster Jar

A wife who has a deeper understanding of the things of the Lord or one who has a deeper faith in Christ can better her marriage by influencing her man to draw closer to Christ through her gentle and quiet spirit (1 Peter 3:1), rather than having theological debates with her man.

7. Characteristics of a “We-Marriage”                                                                                             Do Not Disturb

“…great marriages who weather every storm are generally not made up of people who have a Me-Marriage mindset.  They have a We-Marriage mindset. “


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