30 Dates in November Challenge

30 Dates in November – You know the little sing-song poem about the months of the year? “30 days has September, April, June, and November…” During the 30 days in November, come back and visit BHE every day for a challenge to…

  • Spice up your passion
  • Serve your spouse in new ways
  • Surprise your honey with little gifts
  • Communicate your love in fresh ways
  • Try out some unique date night ideas

If you can’t do an act every day or you need time to prepare in advance, that’s okay. You can spill over into December or feel free to do the challenges out of order. The goal is to make your husband feel extra loved in this upcoming month in new and unique ways.

Beginning November 1st, commit to taking your romance and fun with your spouse to a whole new level.  Here’s to 30 romantic acts or date night ideas in November!



  1. Awesome article.

  2. Reblogged this on Blended4Purpose and commented:
    Excellent idea to put the spice back into your marriage.

  3. Kim

    Looking forward to your ideas for November! Being intentional about loving our spouses is a great thing to do. Thanks for the inspiration and sharing it at NOBH,

    • Thank you, Kim! Marriage is all about being intentional as my next post – When the Glamour of Marriage Fades – covers.


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  2. The Presence of Joy | Becoming His Eve

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