Blazing Into the Great Known

I’m announcing my return to the blogging scene by taking part in the ½ marathon blogging challenge from the CMBA. For the first 13 days in October, you will get a nonstop taste of my writing. To see the official rules, click here.

When I was trying to decide what to write about, I kept focusing on the number 13. It is an odd number. In mathematics, the number 13 is the sixth prime number. In Jewish traditions, 13 is the age when a boy or girl comes of age and matures, becoming a Bar Mitzvah, a fully recognized member of the Jewish faith community. Friday the 13th is considered the unluckiest of days in various superstitions, and there is a legitimate phobia, Triskaidekaphobia, coined in 1911, for those who fear the number 13. Apollo 13 was the 7th NASA manned mission to the moon in which the crew was famously unable to land due to a technical malfunction, but made a successful return home. The American flag bears 13 red and white stripes representing the first 13 colonies of our nation. Some believe the number 13 is incredibly unlucky, while others swear by its luck factor.

I don’t believe in luck…

                           …I believe in blessings!

I am so blessed that God has taken care of my husband and I time and time again, and has especially shown His good mercies to us in this past month during my hiatus. Life has been full of changes – health problems, family concerns, job switches, and even moving churches, but I’m so grateful that the Lord has been going before us and preparing the way.

A pastor I know said,

“We never have to blaze into the

Great Unknown because God always

goes before us so by the time we get

there, He’s already been there and is

there now!”

What comfort that truth gives me!

I’m taking this 13 day trek into the Great Known since God already knows what’s going to come of it, and I’d like to ask you to tag along. I do have a fair number of married readers, but I also have many unmarried readers (single, dating, and engaged). In these 13 days, I want to take the time to focus on my favorite, most blessed example of 13 – 1 Corinthians 13. I’ve already covered some of this passage before, but this time, I want to specifically focus on those of you who are dating/engaged and even single women who are serious about preparing their hearts for marriage.

I’d ask you to come on this 13 day journey with me through the famous love passage as I share some of the struggles I encountered while dating/engaged and what I wish I had known then that I know now about preparing for marriage. For those of you who are married, feel free to come too and add your insights and wisdom (advice you’d pass along to those who are preparing for marriage), and experiences you had during your dating/engagement period.

In the meantime, today and tomorrow, I’d ask you to meditate on the passage with me – 1 Corinthians 13.

——Bottom Line————————-

Ask God to clear your mind of preconceptions and misconceptions about this often quoted passage.

Expect to meet Jesus with fresh eyes and a willing spirit.

Invite the Holy Spirit into your heart, allowing Him to minister to you over the next 13 days.

Open yourself up to the power of your King of kings! 

Understand that anytime you intentionally invite God into your life BIG things will happen! This may or may not be an easy journey for you, or me, but know that it is not a journey you will make alone.

I’d love to hear from you…

How does it change the way you look at your walk through life, your relationship with God, and your journey toward marriage (or through marriage) to know that you’re not blazing into the unknown, but that God has already been there, is there, and will be there when you arrive?


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  1. Simply a smiling visitor here to share the love (:, btw great design and style .

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