Taking a Break, Part II

I wanted to write this little post because I’ve been getting comments from people about how they missed that I was off line for the month and wondered what happened.

The first major reason I took a break was to resort my priorities. Satan likes to prey on my insecurities as much as anyone else, and he whispers to me that it’s okay to use busyness as an excuse.

I have been busy, but I feel that’s not a totally valid excuse to use. Everyone is busy. We are all too busy, in fact. Too busy to figure out what really matters.

I’ve had several big upheavals in my life in the last few months, some changes and shifting dynamics. I wanted to devote my time to giving my readers quality material that was wholehearted and genuine, not just something I was trying to finish under pressure of a deadline.

So I stopped writing for a month. It’s been one crazy hectic month for me (emotionally, spiritually, academically, mentally, and physically), but I want you, my readers, to know that I am not abandoning the BHE ship… a.k.a. you!

The second biggest reason I took a hiatus from the blogosphere was because I needed some time away. It’s mentally, emotionally, and spiritually draining at times to try and run a full-time online blogging ministry for women. I needed a period of refreshment…some rejuvenation in my relationship with God. It’s been amazing to see how many prayers God has answered in this last month. It has been delightful to just sit back and see what God is going to do in my life instead of constantly trying to figure out where I’m going or what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s been wonderful just to “wait on the Lord,” instead of trying to stay one step ahead of Him, which of course, is impossible. Giving over my control of my writing has been a relief and a heart-changing experience.

I will be back soon. I’m making some final decisions about how to best reach you, my audience, and also what topics to cover this autumn. I’d like to ask that you’d keep me in your prayers. I’d appreciate them greatly. Thank you for those of you who are still following and commenting and interacting with the blog! I sincerely appreciate you!


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