Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hello readers,

I’ve been a bit inattentive lately and I apologize. Update: I quit my old job that I started in June due to concerns with the company’s ethics and I can tell you I have so much peace in my heart about it. But I’ve recently started a new job teaching American Sign Language and so life has been a bit chaotic in the transition. I praise God for this new opportunity because it really is stretching me as an individual, and I’m learning so much in the process. Please keep it in prayer.

This week I’ve been busily preparing for the first test I’m giving to the kids and so I’ve neglected to write a post. Opps! Either way, I’m going camping over  Labor Day weekend and so I’m taking a week off. The next time you see a post it’ll be next Thursday, September 6th. Can you believe it’s almost September already?

Don’t forget this Saturday is the first Women’s Ministry Weekend!

Come back and read Good Clicks for your Weekend and link up your own good clicks (your blog posts) on the following topics: Christian faith & spirituality, the single life & serving God, staying pure before marriage, preparing for marriage, sharing the joys & struggles of married life, date night ideas, and marital intimacy.

You can also sign-up for weekly email updates from Becoming His Eve called Come to the Fountain. Next issue comes out September 10th. It’s been shortened too from the original Sunny Side Up to one page for your convenience and reading enjoyment. Click here for more details.

God’s blessings to you and your families and safe traveling mercies for those who are going places over the long weekend! Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Resting always brings something else to the equation. Rest is usually accompanied by rejoicing, by praise, by thanks, by trust, by faith. It’s like the party animal of Heaven; it’s always got a crowd!”

~Graham Cooke


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