Good Clicks for Your Weekend

1. The Importance of Memorizing Scripture

By Jami Leigh from Young Wife’s Guide to Happy Homemaking 

2. Artsy Date Ideas

By Debi from The Romantic Vineyard 

3. Sex Should Be Mutual

By Sheila from To Love, Honor, and Vacuum 

4. Are You a Wife that’s Easy to Love?

By Jolene from The Alabaster Jar

5. Praying to Grow a World Christian

By Kara from The Chuppies 

6. Forget the Hedge, Erect a Wall 

By J from Hot, Holy, and Humorous

7. 101 Ways a Woman Can Show Respect to Her Husband

Guest post on Peacefulwife’s Blog  by MintheGap



  1. I am new to the blog world and find the quantity of blogs out there overwhelming. This is so helpful to get some trusted recommendations.

    • Welcome! Glad you found BHE. God’s blessings with your travels around the blogging world! :o)

  2. Thank you for the share sweet friend…

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