Unlock Romance, a Free, Fun Download, and Good Clicks for Your Weekend

How romantic are you? Have you done something romantic for your spouse lately? This upcoming week is Resurrect Romance Week. Make it a point next week to shower your husband with some romance.

The key to unlocking romance is selflessness.

FREE, FUN DOWNLOAD: Little Love Delivery

Enjoy the free download available to Becoming His Eve readers!

Click here to download:

Little Love Delivery

Shower your husband (or significant other) with some special love this week using Little Love Delivery Notes. Download the completely secure PDF file. Print out the notes on a color printer or if you have a black and white printer, grab some colored pencils or markers to brighten up the page. Cut on the lines, and write little love notes to your special someone on the back. Give to your sweetheart!

 Need ideas for romance?

Hold hands when you’re walking to and from places.

Kiss in public.

Kiss in front of your kids (it’s healthy)!

Give him a hug for no reason.

Initiate sex.

Make a special card for him and stick it in his briefcase, lunchbox, car, etc.

Bake one of his favorite sweet treats.

Give up something you normally do and spend an extra 15 minutes, 30 minutes, or 1 hour with him.

Send him a flirty text message, telling him how much you miss him when he’s at work, and where to “find” you when he comes home.

Compliment his appearance, his personality, and his character.

Say thank you frequently. Husbands like to know when they’re doing a good job.

Take him out for a meal…on you.

Cook all his favorites at home, add candlelight, and mood music and you’re set.

Cuddle with your spouse when you watch the news, TV program, or a movie.

Invite him to slow dance in the living room.

Go for a walk in the moonlight.

Recreate bits and pieces of your honeymoon. 

Do something for him without him having to ask [Did that yesterday morning. I had a horrific headache and Adam got up to take a shower. I pulled myself out of bed and got his lunch ready and put the cereal out on the table for him. He was surprised and so grateful he kissed me pretty passionately in the hallway before I went back to bed. ;o)]

Whisper “I love you” in his ear when he’s on the phone or working on the computer real briefly.

Compliment him in front of his family or friends.

Write a little sticky note message for him and stick it on the bathroom mirror.

Invite him to bed earlier with some flower petals, candles, and a bottle of something sparkly. 

…use your imagination!

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  1. Awe, Hannah, you really blessed me!

  2. Thank you for mentioning me! :) This made my morning! Blessings! :)

    • You’re welcome! I loved your post!

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