Welcome to August!

Hello ray of sunshine!

Yes, that’s what you are if you’ve visited the BHE community today – a ray of sunshine in my life. I value my readers and I appreciate all of you so much, especially those of you who leave comments (it’s so encouraging *HINT HINT*) and those of you who also connect with me in my other social networks (Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and No Ordinary Blog Hop).

In the heavens God has pitched a tent for the sun. It is like a bridegroom coming out of his chamber, like a champion rejoicing to run his course. It rises at one end of the heavens and makes its circuit to the other; nothing is deprived of its warmth.” Psalm 19:5-6

Welcome to August! There’s lots of exciting things going around. If you get my e-letter updates, you already know much of the new things being offered in BHE this month!

1. By the way, now ALL my email subscribers, not just Sunny Side Up subscribers, gain access to my monthly Sunny Side Up e-letter and more organized weekly updates and goodies. That’s because I value you and I want you to make the most of the BHE community. And why limit all the good stuff to just a few people? So what are the benefits?

> Be the first to receive updates and information about BHE! Get the inside scoop before everyone else.

> Gain access to mini series’s like Walk Through Proverbs. To pique your interest, are you desperate?

> Gain access to even more date night ideas and good clicks. This issue that just came out includes “You’re a Peach” date, “Sweet Swings” date, “Use Your Imagination” date, “Pick a Picnic Spot” date, and “Picnic Progressive Dinner” date.

>Read insider interviews of other bloggers. If you’re a fellow blogger/writer, or interested reader, and would like to be featured, here’s the upcoming question for the month of August/September:

Think about a time in your life when you desperately needed God. How did He answer your prayers and work in your life?

I’m looking for 150-300 words and please include your name, blog/website, and a fun fact about yourself.

> Submit pictures and little bits of encouragement to Eve’s Expanded Garden. Just email me with your ideas, and we’ll get the ball rolling.

August’s first Sunny Side Up revamped e-letter is out now. If you haven’t received it yet and would like to, I’m making it available to all my readers for the first 15 days of the month. Take advantage of this opportunity!

2. Find me and link up your own articles at No Ordinary Blog Hop.

Have you liked my articles in the month of July? During the first 5 days in August, vote for my articles at NOBH. You’re allowed 3-5 votes per day and I’d really appreciate the votes!

To see how and to find my articles, click here.

3. The Let’s Talk Sex series has really taken off and because of this it will now temporarily replace the Portrait of Eve series on Thursdays.

Read the latest post Confessions from a Desperate Housewife.

Come back tomorrow for 10 Secrets from a Wife Who Waited…and Loves Married Sex, Part 1!

4. Facebook Faith Walk is getting reinstated this Friday. If you remember, FFW focused on a woman of faith from the Bible every other Friday. Now visit every Friday on BHE’s Facebook page.

I will be addressing a major question regarding faith, including a promise of God, and a link to an article relating to a current event.

The first question is: Why does God allow tragedy and suffering? in response to the Aurora, Colorado theater shooting.

Join us this Friday, August 3rd for a discussion on the BHE Facebook page! In the meantime, like the page, recommend it to your family and friends, check out the good clicks, bits of encouragement, and watch for updates about new posts on BHE.

5. Twitter is my fastest growing social network. Follow me @BecomingHisEve.

Right now follow Eve’s Garden of Tweets – we’re going through promises of God, focusing on comfort now. #evesgarden

We’re focusing on godly character traits of a wife under #pray4marriage.

Follow #datenight ideas, #goodclicks, and #love1another ideas also!

General updates, announcements and thoughts are found under #adamseve.

6. Find and follow me on Pinterest now at aredeemedeve


7. Check out the reorganized pages at the top of your screen on BHEAbout Adam’s Eve,


With warm blessings and love,

Adam’s Eve :o)

Glory in His holy Name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord, rejoice!” 1 Chronicles 16:10


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