Father’s Day, Sushi for Two, and Good Clicks for Your Weekend

Father’s Day Date Ideas

Father’s Day is this Sunday!

For unique date night and celebration ideas, try these good clicks.

1. 13 Quick & Easy Father’s Day Ideas

From the Dating Divas

2. 12 Father’s Day DIY Craft Ideas

From the Dating Divas

3. Father’s Day

From Rachel Ray Celebrate Dad this Father’s Day!

4. Romantic Father’s Day Ideas

From fellow CMBA-er, The Romantic Vineyard

Sushi, Sushi Date

Monday, June 18th is International Sushi Day! I’m smelling date night alert!

Take your husband to his favorite sushi restaurant, or pick up sushi at your local grocery store. If the idea of raw fish makes you cringe (***waves hand – this is me***), try other Japanese dishes. Click here for ideas. Or if it’s still not your cup of tea, make “pretend sushi” aka California pinwheel sandwiches. Sit on the floor for your meal and use chopsticks if possible. Serve green tea. For info on Japanese table etiquette, read here. Play Japanese music in the background if you have it and if you really want to go all out, look for Japanese kimonos at a thrift store. Finish the night with a Japanese movie (i.e. The Last Samurai, Memoirs of A Geisha, etc).

***WARNING: Movies mentioned have subject content that is not suitable for children under 18. Make sure if you do watch these movies you are doing so with your husband in a private location with no little ones.***

Other Good Clicks for Your Weekend

1. Protect Your Man

By the Generous Wife How well do you protect your spouse?



  1. What wonderful ideas! Definitely putting these on the list for next year! Thank you for sharing on NOBH!

  2. Love you ‘sushi alternative’ ideas, since hubby likes it and I absolutely do not. Great thoughts!!!

    • Thanks for visiting, Pearl. Yep, my husband and I are going to do “Sushi for Two” date early next week, and of course, I will not be eating sushi and will instead be trying alternatives.

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