In Need of a Little Reprieve

DATE IDEA: June 4th is National Barefoot Day. Get outside and do something in your bare feet together. Have a dinner picnic in your yard. Wash the car together. Read John 13:1-17 together outside in the grass. What a beautiful picture of service Jesus gives us! Today, walk your spouse to the bathroom and clean each other’s feet in remembrance of what Jesus did and to carry on the tradition. To read more about my own previous foot-washing experience, click here.

Dear Readers,

Thank you so much for reading! I couldn’t do this without you!

I’m taking a temporary leave of absence, a vacation from the blogging world for the next 2 weeks. I’ve been praying about this and I believe I need to take some time devoted to prayer about the future of my blog and my own personal walk with the Lord. I’d also like to spend a little more time with my husband and I want to prioritize a bit, giving you my readers my best A-game material but managing my time better so I’m not so overwhelmed.

I’d also like to spend more time with family and work on my novel (that often gets pushed to the back shelf). I’m hoping and praying to finish it this summer.

Since I’m still fairly new to the blogging world, I’d appreciate your feedback. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to drop me a line down below or shoot me an email.

I”m also taking a break from the BHE newsletter – Sunny Side Up over the summer. While I do have a lovely group of subscribers, and I really do appreciate them, I need to restructure it a bit so it’s not so overwhelming. I will most likely bring the newsletter back after Labor Day. In the meantime, keep reading the blog and sign up for email subscription to get the posts delivered right to your inbox if you haven’t already. Join 25 other happy subscribers!

My Biblical Peacemaking series has come to a conclusion. I will write a short recap of everything the week I return. You can read all the posts in this series by clicking here.

The Biblical Garden of Love series will take a temporary reprieve for the summer and I will resume it in the fall after Labor Day. You can read all the posts in this series by clicking here.

The Portrait of Eve series will most likely resume in 2 weeks and will continue throughout the summer. You can read all the posts in this series by clicking here.

I’ll be returning on June 19th with a brand new series: Let’s Talk Sex. This series will re-pick-up from a post I wrote back in March called Red Light? Green Light? Holy Light? I’m also planning to do a short series in August called The Heart of a Writer – writing tips from a newlywed wife and aspiring writer.

In the meantime, I will continue auto-posting date night ideas. I will also still be visible on Facebook,  Twitter, and Pintrest and I’ll be checking my emails regularly. So if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, etc, you can contact me via any of those mediums. I will try to get back to you in a timely manner.

Again, thank you for reading! It really is a wonderful blessing to write for all of you and I’m learning so much through this experience.

Many blessings,

Adam’s Eve (Hannah Williams)


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