The Fruitfulness of Motherhood

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Peaceful Wife in the Portrait of Eve series, Part 10. 

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So God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it.  Rule over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”  Genesis 1:28


God designed marriage to be fruitful – to bring children into the world in a safe, protected, nurturing environment, and to also produce spiritual fruit in our children.  God loves for His creation to bear fruit – look at the plants and animals He created.  Each one bears fruit after its own kind.  He designed us to do the same thing.  He wanted an earth that is full of people and creatures.  He loves to see his creation glorify Himself – fulfilling our ultimate purpose by His design.

I think that we have suffered greatly under the feminist mentality that children are a burden not a blessing.  God created children to be a great blessing – a reward and heritage from Him.  He uses us to teach them, but He also uses them to teach us MUCH about His great love for us. And He uses us to prepare them to be His godly, faithful, loving, dedicated servants who will change the world by His power!

Ideally, God’s design would involve parents with a strong, godly, loving, respectful, beautiful marriage that greatly glorifies Him teaching their children all that they know.  Children watch their parents interact with one another and handle conflict, problems, difficulties as well as good times and they learn to mimic and imitate what their parents do.  They normally will take on their parents’ priorities, goals and desires.  Children are blank slates that God gives to us to raise in the way that would honor Him.  We will be held accountable for the way we raise our children.  They really belong to God, not to us!  We are just stewards of our children for a short time.  It’s our job to prepare them to be fruitful in adulthood spiritually and in their own marriages and families one day, as well!  That is how we build a strong nation!


There is a whole new dimension in marriage when a precious new life is created between a husband and a wife.  God expanded my view of His love and of His relationship with me as that new baby expanded my belly.  There are so many parallels to fruitfulness in our walk with Christ and the fruitfulness of bearing children in marriage.  I’m so VERY thankful that God allowed my husband and I to experience parenthood!  What a priceless gift!


When I was pregnant with our daughter, I did a lot of thinking about the way marriage represents the very great mystery between Christ and His church.  When I am intimately one Spirit with Christ or one flesh with my husband:

  • I welcome him and am receptive to my husband coming into my body to be one flesh with me.  I welcome Christ and am receptive to Him coming into my soul to be one spirit with me.
  • The new life of a baby grows in my body as a result of the one flesh intimacy I share with my husband.  The life of Christ develops in me as a result of the one spirit unity I have with Him.
  • Everyone around me can eventually see that my husband and I have a one flesh relationship.  My swelling belly gives my intimacy with my husband away for the world to see.  Everyone around me eventually sees that I have been with Christ and am intimately one with Him.  They see His light and life in my eyes, my words, my actions and my priorities.
  • My relationship with my husband must remain my higher priority even when the baby comes into our family.  The church must keep her relationship with her Husband, Christ, her primary focus even as she nurtures baby Christians and disciples them, training them to become mature and complete.


Our job as Christians is not simply to bring physical babies into the world.  It is also our job to bring new Christians into the church – to be fruitful for Christ, sharing His gospel and training up young believers – that applies to all Christians.  But when we become earthly mothers, we are responsible before God to raise our children to know and love Him above all else.  The influence of a godly mother cannot be underestimated!  She has one of the most pivotal roles on earth of continually training her children in godliness, God’s wisdom, His truth, His Word, His ways and demonstrating her own faith and love for Christ as well as her faith, love and respect for her husband so that her children might have the best possible foundation to understand the most important things in life!  A godly mother and father’s example of faith in Christ will usher her children into a deep understanding of the love, mercy, grace and discipline of God.  And godly parents will also demonstrate to their beloved children how to have a healthy, godly, functioning, beautiful marriage that their children will likely greatly imitate.


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Becoming a mother of a baby also gave me a HUGE peek into God’s heart of love for His children.  A mother wants what is best for her children.  She thinks of them constantly.  She is willing to go to great lengths and personal sacrifice in order to keep them well nourished, healthy and protected.  Her heart is big enough to love each of her children equally.  She is one of only two people in the world who really cares if that child eats his vegetables and fruits, what exactly he is watching on tv, how his friendships are developing, if he is sad and lonely, if he is being spiritually nourished and growing at a healthy rate.  Her heart is always focused on her children.  What an incredible picture of the love and care of God for us!

April blogs over at the Peaceful Wife blog and Peaceful Single Girl. A wife and mother of two, she is also a pharmacist. On her blog, she writes, “I have a huge heart for wives and women and desire to see marriages and romances be vibrant, God-honoring, full of life and blooming with the beauty of God’s design – shining brightly for Christ!” 

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