10 Good Clicks for Your Memorial Day Weekend plus Romantic Date Ideas

1. Your Marriage Is Not A Dream Come True

By Daniel P. Robertson of God’s Help for Marriage “You won’t have a strong, godly marriage just because you believe in the Bible.”

2. Marriage bed undefiled – but is it sexually gratifying?

By Dr. Aaron Jamal of I Do Me 2 “It is not sinful for a wife to affirm or guide her husband towards her own gratification.”

3.Date Smart

By The Pure Bed Great dating advice!!

4. Less, More, Enough

By Valerie Cisco of (in)courage “Why aren’t you married yet?” How do you really feel about your relationship status?

5. The Sole Secret to Libido

By Pearl of Pearl’s Oyster Bed “SOLE MATE TIME with your Mr. Solefish (husband) is a powerful tool to energize emotional connection.”

6. A HUGE Key to Contentment

By Still Jennifer a guest post on Peaceful Single Girl Seeking God in everything

7. Things that Fuel a Spirit of Discontentment in Me

By April of Peaceful Wife “Everything is permissible for me, but not everything is beneficial.”

8. When There is a Let Down After the Wedding

By April of Peaceful Single Girl “Being engaged is exciting! Planning a wedding is exciting! Getting married is extremely exciting! Then you come home.”

9. Romantic Memorial Day Ideas

By Tom and Debi Walter of The Romantic Vineyard For wives only!!!! 

10. Romantic Memorial Day Ideas 

By Tom and Debi Walter of The Romantic Vineyard For husbands only!!!!


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