The Best Gift My Mother Gave Me

For a split second…

…I wanted a mom like Lorelai Gilmore on the popular TV show Gilmore Girls.

But then I realized I had the greatest, coolest mom in the world and I didn’t need all the added TV drama and glamour.

There aren’t scripts for life in my mother’s world.

There aren’t people on a set making our house look perfect.

There aren’t shiny lights and wardrobe checks and cameras rolling.

There’s just my mother – and the 3 girls that she raised on her own.

My mother is a beautiful woman…

… inside and out. A godly woman of faith. My hero!

*Photo Credit: Alicia

Here’s What I Remember…

…bandaids for bruised knees,

…comfort for bruised egos,

…picking up toys scattered all over the house,

…picking out clothes during a shopping trip,

…getting meals on the table for her family,

…getting her children to their activities on time,

…supporting a household of 4 even by working jobs she disliked,

…supporting the dreams of her children,

…loving them through their anger bursts, their childish fits, their hateful words,

…loving them when they forgot to love her,

…cheering so loudly after concerts, programs, graduations that we always knew it was her,

…and we’d wait for those three little words: “That’s my girl!”

…our kitchen was “grand central station,”

…our backyard was wonderland – a place for imaginations to burst forth and grow,

…our garage, the place for many crazy ping-pong matches, laundry baskets, and bunny rabbits,

…driving us everywhere, our personal chauffeur,

…the driving force behind our lives, the one who would get us out of bed every morning, and see to it that we made it back to bed at night in one piece,

…teaching us the ABCs, teaching us our 1,2, 3’s,

…teaching us school subjects around a kitchen table with the light from the outside streaming through the glass sliding door,

…taking us on field trips, getting us involved in history, making foods, forming crafts – your creativity knows no limits,

…cups of coffee, “Mama” nights, mini vacations, being “party central” – no one ever wanted to leave,

… reading us books late at night while us little ones were gathered on your bed,

…allowing us to get to know our grandparents (who have also been a wonderful blessing!)

*Photo Credit: Alicia

…always snapping photos of things, capturing memories on film, producing love through pictures,

…no idle hands in this household!

… putting us before her, a blessed sacrifice,

…putting her own life on hold…for us!

…raising us to be women of God, to be women of purpose, to be women with dreams and goals!

Mama, I am most grateful…

…for the gift of life you’ve given me. I am grateful that you valued life enough to have me. I am grateful that you didn’t give up on us even when things were difficult, that you didn’t walk away, that you stuck by us no matter what. I am grateful that you filled our lives with color and creativity and wonder- that we lived life alive!

Mama, the best gift you’ve ever given me was you! You were and are such an incredible, wonderful, amazing mother who deserves every gold medal ever given out at the Olympics because living with us probably felt like an Olympic sport at times. Maybe it should be. :o) And I hope and pray that one day I can live up to the example that preceded me – you! I hope and pray that I will be as a blessing to my children as you were to me.

I love you, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day!

*Photo Credit: Sherrie Ship

Her children arise and call her blessed… ‘Many women do noble things, but you surpass them all.’ Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting; but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. Honor her for all that her hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.” Proverbs 31:28a, 29-31

*Photo Credit: Sherrie Ship

a Special Note of Thanks for My Grandmother

You have been such a fantastic example of a woman of faith to me, a second mom! Telling you thanks for all the support, encouragement, and love, all the times you listened, all the times that you gave sacrificially, all the fun times acting out plays in the hallway, roller skating in the driveway, pretending in the backyard, meals on the patio, holidays, sleepovers, “surprising” you with doughnut runs with grandpa, picking me up when mom couldn’t, helping me get an education, family dinners, family vacations, and family memories – it doesn’t seem like enough. But regardless, thank you, Grandma! I love you!

*Photo Credit: Sherrie Ship

a Special Note of Thanks to My Mother-in-law

You’ve welcomed me into your family with open arms. Thank you for giving Adam life – you’ve raised a wonderful young man and you should be proud. I am proud to be called your daughter-in-law. Thank you for your love. I love you too!

For all the mothers out there –

…all the moms whose kids are long grown and have kids of their own,

…all the new empty nester moms (life is different now, but please know that we care and we love you),

…all the moms raising teenagers (I know they can be tough; hang in there!),

…all the moms with just wee little ones,

…all the brand new moms,

…all the soon to be moms,

…all the grandmothers who raised kids second generation (you are heroic!),

…all the grandmothers who are involved in their children’s and grandchildren’s lives,

…all the military moms overseas (thank you for your service!),

…all the moms who adopted someone else’s kids or are foster moms (you’re helping make the world a better place),

…all the nannies and babysitters who might as well be mom (thank you for caring for the little ones of this world),

…even all the mothers who have lost a child (my heart goes out to you and a special blessing to you on this beautiful holiday!),



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