Three Things

Three Things:

1) Check out Sword 4Sail‘s awesome post below mine here – about the Sacred Pathway of the Sensate, part 3 in the Sacred Pathways of Walking With God series.

2) Check out my guest post today on The Peaceful Single Girl: Be Careful Little Eyes What You See. Just click here to read it.

3) I was browsing a blog I read called A Modern Christian Woman, and with the permission of the author, I am posting this Prayer for Wives (originally from the KLOVE website). May this be an encouragement to all wives out there today!

Prayer for Wives

Heavenly Father, you have called me to honor and serve my husband in grace, humility and love, and yet I so often let worry, insecurity and fear overshadow that calling. Unburden my heart from worry and expectations. Teach me to relinquish control of my life and marriage to you, for only you are strong enough to carry and sustain it.

Lead me to a place of deep trust and intimacy with you, so that I would seek no emotional fulfillment elsewhere, but would bring to my relationship with my husband a rich overflow of confidence and strength, making of our home and marriage a peaceful, restful haven. Show me how best to love my husband, supporting and respecting him, praying for and trusting the work of your Spirit in his heart and life.

Give me the wisdom to value what is eternal, so that I might be truly content with my present circumstances, and not fretful or anxious over family decisions and finances. Teach me to be beautiful as you define beauty. Let me be a creative and enjoyable friend and companion for my husband, gracious and kind, gently in disagreement and quick to forgive.

Only as you lead me will I become the woman and wife that my husband needs. So lead me, O Lord. Amen.


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