$5 or less dates

Don’t have a lot of money but want to have fun this Friday? Try out some of these fun $5 or less dates.

Photo Credit: Sherrie Ship

***$5 (or maybe a little more)*** Are you coffee or tea drinkers? Get inexpensive drinks at a local coffee shop or Starbucks. Bring a board game to play. Enjoy the atmosphere together. Often times coffee shops offer free entertainment too – like jazz nights or local bands. Check your local paper, on your city’s Internet webpage, or with the local tourism organization for more details.

***$5-free*** With the weather getting warmer and it staying lighter longer, the great outdoors is beckoning to be explored. And so is your spouse! Pack a picnic and find a beautiful location out of doors to watch the sunset together. Bring a book to read together – the Bible, a marriage book, or something else and take turns reading to each other. Enjoy intimacy and fellowship outside.

***$3 or less*** Wendy’s has delicious 99 cent frosties. Head to your nearest Wendy’s and pick up a frosty for each of you or pay a little extra and share one together. Feed each other. Hold hands as you eat. Take a walk (weather permitting) or sit in your car with a little mood music on in the background. Enjoy the deliciousness of a frosty (for only 99 cents) and the company of your spouse (priceless).

***$3 or less*** Or try this couple’s cute idea of a Jellybean Date from the Happy Home Fairy. Pick up a package of jelly bellies from the $ bin at the store (or some other flavored candy – maybe Skittles or Starbursts) and give it a whirl. You could even offer a prize for the person who guesses the most flavors correctly – like a sensual massage, a long cuddle, a Saturday off of chores… get creative!

From my personal album

***FREE*** Can’t leave the kids for long or don’t have a lot of time for a date? Take a walk around the block (if your kids are old enough to stay home alone) or ask a neighbor or a friend to watch them for a half hour so you can get a chance to just “be” together. Hold hands, steal a smooch on a street corner, point out beautiful parts of God’s glorious creation, and talk about being in love.

***FREE*** Tackle a project together at home. Try a 1000 piece puzzle and homemade pizza. Cook a meal together, or if you’re less ambitious, bake cookies together. Clean out a room or space that really needs organizing and then reward each other with foot massages and a glass of freshly squeezed juice. Plant some flowers in your garden.

***FREE*** Take a blanket somewhere outside after dark and star gaze with your sweetheart. Soak in the beauty of the night sky and each other’s love. Afterwards come inside and make hot cocoa with peppermint sticks and marshmallows.

***FREE*** Put on a CD and slow dance with your husband in the living room. Wonderfully romantic!

***FREE*** Take a stroll through a furniture store or browse through a department store together, picking out your “dream furniture.” See what each other’s tastes and preferences are and talk about your future and your dreams together.

Jesus died on a cross for me, shedding drops of love for me! Today I am so grateful for His blood sacrifice of love!

*Photo Credit: mack2happy / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

God shows His love in mysterious ways to me though…

…the VHS tapes my husband lovingly picked out for me at a yard sale,

…a bowl of macaroni and cheese and homemade biscuits (a childhood favorite),

…the beautiful sunshine and the cool breeze,

… the green lawns everywhere! Yay Spring!

How is God loving on you?



  1. Rachel Dittman

    I love these ideas! They are suttle ways of how to spend time to grow and love each other. Some of the most simple things in life are a blessing!

    • I agree! I love the simple things in life! And I love sharing them with others. I’m so glad you’ve been reading the blog. Thanks for your comments.

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