Playing Tourist – Dare #14

Head to a nearby town (or even explore your own town if you want) and play tourist for the day or a morning, or an afternoon.

Stroll down the streets together walking hand in hand. Eat at a local restaurant and if you can eat in their outdoor seating or pack a picnic to eat in a park. Check out the local historical sites or a free art museum. See if there are local events – our town offers Farmer’s Markets and free concerts in the park in the summer, but you might be able to find some local events this weekend. Find something that interests the two of you and do it!

Bring your camera along and snap lots of shots. Purchase a mini album at your local dollar store and after the weekend, print them out at home on a photo printer or take them to your local Walgreens, Walmart, or similar store to have them print the pics for you.

Have fun!



  1. So many great ideas! Thank you!


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