Date Night in A Jar -Dare #10

Okay, I confess. This is NOT my original idea! But it was too clever to pass up.

Too clever to pass up! Photo Credit: Life in the Greenhouse

All you need are some ordinary extra-wide Popsicle sticks (aka tongue depressers), a mason jar, and a felt pen (and you can also pick out ribbon or other decorative items if you choose).

Jennifer, the lady who posted it (it wasn’t her original idea either), suggested color coordinating your date nights – Red (for fancy expensive nights out, requiring planning), Dark Pink (for at home dates), and Light pink (for away from home dates that don’t require too much planning or money). She spray painted each stick, let it dry, and then wrote on them with a felt pen. You don’t need to color coordinate – it’s up to you.

You could also do different color nail polish spots on either end to help you decipher which one is which, or colorful stickers. (My suggestion). Get creative!

Jennifer also added a color-coding card – attaching it to the jar with ribbon.

Brainstorm with your husband today about date nights that the two of you would enjoy and include things that you enjoy and he enjoys that the two of you could either introduce to each other or enjoy together. Or… if you want to surprise him – by all means, go away! (Just beware… you might be racking your brain a bit more.)

To see the original idea, click here.

I’d love to see what date night ideas you come up with if you try this – or even if you don’t. Drop Me A Line!

God looked at me with love today and showed His love for me through

…homemade blueberry muffins turning out beautifully

…strawberry walnut salad & homemade raspberry vinaigrette – delicious! 1st try.

…oatmeal raisin cookies, warm and sticky

…a moment of sweetness with my husband this morning, a tender kiss, holding his hand while resting on the couch waiting for Debby

…missing a bar or two in the song this morning, but sharing a smile

…peacemaking – don’t you wish it was easier? don’t you wish you could remember all the principles you were taught at the moment of conflict? :o)

…learning Laretta means “the Pearl” – such a pretty name!

…great deals at Save-A-Lot, finding barbecue boneless chicken wings – love those! pick them up as a surprise for my Adam

…Dead Sea Salts apricot face wash – lovely scent – so clean

…lunch with my mother-in-law – a cold coffee and breakfast sandwich at Jack in the Box


…dandelions – a moment of color on a street corner, waiting for the light to turn green

…seeing Eternal Sunshine body wash – made me :o)


…sitting on the living room couch, sharing good conversation with Adam – it was a moment of intimacy and sharing

…fudgesicles  – a sweet moment of bonding with brother-in-law

God = love!




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