On your marks. Get set. Go!

Hey ladies,

Welcome to Becoming His Eve! May the joy of the Lord overflow upon you! May the love of our Savior and King flood your life! I feel very much like the title of this post – ready, but no where near steady. I’m so excited you’re here reading this and this day has finally come! **Ahhhh! okay, reminding self not to bite nails**

If this is your first visit to this blog, please visit About Adam’s Eve and About BHE. Both pages give you background on myself, the purpose of Becoming His Eve, and How to approach this community.

For my vision for this site, please read the first post of the relaunched BHE – Heart of the Matter. Join the discussion today in the comments .

If you haven’t already, head over to the Relaunch Party page for more! See Ask the Author Questions answered!

Exclusive!!! Through the weekend – March 1st-March 4th!!! Sign up officially here.

March 1st is World Compliment Day! What do you think is the best compliment a woman can receive?

A quick note on topics and themes:

Beginning next week on Monday, March 5th!

Take the Challenge Mondays: A weekly challenge for women of faith and a separate challenge for married women – this month’s challenges will be related to Listening.

Let’s Talk Sex Tuesdays: A weekly discussion on God’s gift of sex as it was intended, a Biblical picture of purity, and how to guard our hearts, minds, and bodies from a wrong view of sex.  God never intended us to stay silent on the issue, and whether your married or single, sex is an important topic. (***Correction from the original Sunny Side Up e-letter sent.***)

Walk Down Memory Lane Wednesdays: A revisit and elaboration on previously published (in 2011) posts.

Theme Thursdays: First series on a Portrait of Eve, the first woman.

Fridays Are 4 Prayer: Devoted to praying for marriage (and you don’t need to be married to read these). (See Praying the Armor of God on Your Husband and Get on Your Knees and Fight for more details.)



  1. Rrr, I was curious why you said age, unless you meant wisdom coming with age.

  2. Since you can really argue a case for/against any of these, and I’m hardly the person to speak for any section of womanhood (except the outcasts rational intellectuals), I went for personality, and added brain/intelligence. Why? Well, the other areas I’m secure before the eyes of God about. However, I continually find myself an oddity among women (and people in general) due to my personality. I like being “head-smart”, I like learning new things, and I like that I have the ability to learn them well, to contemplate them deeply, and to communicate those thoughts to others in clear and coherent ways on paper or in person. I dedicate this to God, try to glorify Him in learning, teaching, and writing, and consider it a very humbling passion, in that I am always a student in service to the Great Master.. However, I’m not really “heart-smart”, which is something that I believe is often considered far more valuable a quality in women. So when someone compliments my personality or my ability to think, I appreciate it.

    • Janeen, I love your thoughts. You can argue for any of these Biblically, so it’s really based upon personal preference, but I didn’t even think of intelligence when I made this up, but intelligence is another gift from God and shouldn’t be overlooked. God created woman in His image too and since God is a intelligent Being, we’re intelligent beings.

      Great reminder of following the Great Master. Just the other day I was listening to the song, “There’s Just Something About that Name,” and I was struck by the simplicity of the song, and the beauty of the names of God – like Master. Savior. Jesus. Keep glorifying Him in all you do!

  3. We were created for beauty. God designed women to be beautiful! I believe the greatest compliment a woman can receive is a compliment about her beauty – but not just her physical beauty, but her inner beauty – her spirit, her personhood, her faith, and her character. is that cheating? haha.

    We read things in the Bible like “don’t lust after beauty” and “beauty is fleeting” but this refers to a sin problem and a physical condition. This does mean women should not be beautiful or that men shouldn’t desire beauty in a woman. This is what we were created for! If you don’t believe me, read Song of Songs, an incredibly personal and intimate portrayal of a king and his wife’s love.
    Ps 45:11 says, “Let the King be enthralled with your beauty; honor Him for He is your lord.”

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