Get On Your Knees and Fight!

National Pray for Marriage Day!

Imagine if you woke up Monday morning and marriage was never the same again! Imagine if you woke up Monday morning and you were told anyone in America could get married – not just men and women marrying each other, but men and men and women and women! Imagine if you woke up Monday morning to same-sex parents! How would you feel? What would you think? How would you react?

The future of marriage in America is at stake! Something that was once sacred, holy, created by God, and designed for a man and a woman only has become twisted and anything goes. I took a leap of faith in writing this. I am about to relaunch my blog on March 1st and I know that a post like this could hinder my efforts. Some of you might be offended. Some of you might feel uncomfortable. But it’s about time someone says something without fear of negative repercussions. It’s about time we get outside of our little comfort zones and wake up to what’s going on in the world.

John Piper writes in his sermon, Be Devoted to Prayer, “You will not know what prayer is for until you know that life is war. One of the great obstacles to praying is that life is too routinely smooth for many of us. The battlefront is way out there, but here in my tiny bubble of peace and contentment all is well. Oh, may God open our eyes to see and feel the needs around us and the great potential of prayer.”

This post is not about passing judgement. It is not about pronouncing judgement. It is not about hating homosexuals, heterosexuals, sin, or anything for that matter. It is about praying for an institution that was once protected by the American government and was once upheld by the American people. It is about showing the people of America that we care and we will fight to protect something that is important to us. For it is our right to fight for religious freedom! It is our right to fight for freedom of speech! It is our right to fight for marriage!

We also need to be praying against the biggest threat to marriage today – divorce. I am not going to try and throw a bunch of statistics at you, but divorce is wreaking havoc on marriages today.

Please understand that I’m not trying to condemn those who are divorced or say that you were wrong to get a divorce if you are divorced. I am a product of divorced parents. I know the pain, shame, guilt, and confusion that comes with it, and I would never want to knowingly hurt someone who had gone through the same situation – whether parent or child. I am also not advocating staying in marriage whatever the cost, especially in situations of abuse.

But it is not hopeless! We need to be praying God’s protection on those who are married. We need to be praying God’s love on those marriages that are falling apart. And we need to be praying God’s healing on those marriages that have failed and resulted in divorce. God can still use tragedy to triumph.

It doesn’t matter if you’re married, single, dating, engaged, separated, divorced, or widowed! Take a stand! Fight for marriage! Get on your knees and pray!

Sunday is National Pray for Marriage Day! Tomorrow, I will be posting my “Praying the Armor of God On Your Husband.”   I think this is one Sunday I can break my Sabbath rest for an issue as big as praying for marriage.

This upcoming week – Monday-Saturday, will be a week of prayer for marriage. Beginning Monday, check out Facebook and Twitter for things you can pray for under the hashtag #pray4marriage.

“Fridays are 4 Prayer” beginning March 2nd. Join me for 45 Fridays of Prayer for marriage!

But don’t just stop there. Keep praying for marriage! Keep praying for those you know who are married! Keep praying for your marriage! It’s a daily battle, but it doesn’t have to be uphill with God’s help!

For more information, visit PA4Marriage or Focus on the Family



  1. Adam Williams

    Prayer is very important. Extremely important and far too often too little is said about it. Life is a battle. For many people it is a battle with time, money, emotions, stress, family, etc. Also, though there is a spiritual battle that is going on in our lives that we are unaware of or do not take notice of. We need to! God is always with us and around. He takes part in His creation by maintaining and guiding it. God directs His angels concerning the people of the world! He loves everyone on the planet and wants to have a relationship with us. But He will not force us and the largest part of that relationship is prayer. In prayer and in worship, you meet God. In fellowshipping with our Christians you get to see how God is working around you and in others’ lives. Get out of your box and entire reality, all of it! May God speak to and bless those that read this comment! Amen!

    • “In prayer and in worship, you meet God. In fellowshipping with our Christians you get to see how God is working around you and in others’ lives.”

      Amen! Prayer is such an important connection to our Heavenly Father, and we need to be daily, hourly sending up prayers – not just prayers for help, but prayers of confession, prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of praise, and prayers with our probing questions about life, faith, sin, and God. Thanks for sharing your words.

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