Relaunch to Happen Soon

SITE TO RELAUNCH March 1, 2012!

Feel free to give me any feedback during the process or email me with questions or comments. 

Please be patient with site changes and errors! 

Hello ladies!

Welcome and I’m so glad you’re here checking out Becoming His Eve. I’m incredibly excited about all the recent changes and the upcoming re-launch of my blog.

Please take time to complete the poll below!

I wanted to draw your attention to some of the new features and pages on this site.

Adam’s Eve is a page dedicated to author info, basically an about me page. To read why I began blogging, why the title of this site, and random fun facts about me, check out this page.

Becoming His Eve is a page explaining the ins and outs of this blog. To understand the purpose of this blog community and how to interact with the community as a married lady, a single lady, a searching lady, or a man, check out this page.

Email Me provides a link to do just what it sounds like – to email me personally. The link is secure and you can choose to remain anonymous should you like although you will be asked to leave a name (a pseudonym if you prefer) and an email address, neither of which will be published. I also provide a list of things I may or may not publish, information for specific audiences, what to do if you’re interested in guest writing for this blog, and a special side- note to men. If this interests you, check out here.

Social Media gives you the link to various off-site ways of connecting with me and other readers of this blog. Becoming His Eve recently created a Facebook page with a special spotlight on a Woman of Faith available only to my Facebook Followers. To connect via FB, click here. I have also included a link to my Twitter account also @BecomingHisEve. On Twitter, I’ll share a tidbit of encouragement called Eve’s Garden of Tweets (#evesgarden) daily, except for Sundays available only to my Twitter followers. To connect via Twitter, view Follow @Becoming His Eve button on the right-hand bar or click here.  To check out my Social Media page, click here. ***Note: until the relaunch, these social media updates may or may not be consistent and are subject to change.***

Share This: You will now be able to share posts on the site via email, Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WordPress. You will also be able to print pages if you choose. This feature will be available on the homepage, pages, and various posts. On individual posts, you will also be able to LIKE posts.

Calling All Writers and Artists – I am looking for women of faith, married and single, to share their thoughts monthly or bimonthly (or even as a one-time thing) on my blog. I am also looking for women of faith to submit photos. Please visit the Writers and Artist Page for more details or email me if you have questions.

Email Newsletter – Want updates and insider info and access to special offers? Sign up for my biweekly Email Newsletter. All you have to do is click on the Email Me link and type your name, email address, and type ADD-ME in all caps in the comments box. This will automatically send a notification to my inbox showing your interest in receiving the newsletter. Email subscribers will also be offered a chance to suggest topics for the upcoming year and to critique the site. For my email readers who subscribe by March 5th at 11:59PM, you will get the inside scoop of what topics are going to be covered in this year’s blog and will be automatically entered in a contest to win a booklet of my favorite homemade recipes complete with photos and step-by-step instructions. Contest drawing will be determined at random during the second week in March. Winner will be announced (under the name used during subscription) on March 12, 2012. Please sign-up and tell your friends.

Previous Posts  are currently categorized under 2011 Posts. As of March 1, 2012, these posts will no longer be available, except Newly Wedded Bliss (until April 1, 2012.) All posts will be kept by me and I will do a Walk-Down-Memory-Lane on Wednesdays sharing snippets of previously posted work from 2011.

Countdown Clock to relaunch on side bar! Check it out 21 days to go!

New Bible Verse – Isaiah 62:5

Poll – I’d love your feedback. *****Please leave your comments in Drop a Line down below instead of going to the PollDaddy’s external site.*****

1 Comment

  1. Alicia

    The layout is very simple. There is less going on and I like it!

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