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May you experience the love of the Lord as you browse this site. My greatest desire is to see those of us who have a personal walk with the Lord to grow more deeply and passionately in love with God and to use our life experiences to bless and teach those around us. To those who may not know Jesus Christ personally and/or are currently searching for a spiritual experience, spiritual advice, or a spiritual relationship, may the Holy Spirit guide you as you look for answers and give you clarity and wisdom through His words, not mine.

My Mission Statement

Becoming His Eve’s mission is to affirm, encourage, inspire, offer instruction on, and uplift REAL marriage – marriage that is Respectful, Engaging, Authentic, and Loving. My passion is to reach women who desire a deeper, authentic relationship with Christ and a godly, passionate marriage. My purpose is two-fold: 1) to build a grace-filled community where married women can share in the joy and struggles of married life and learn to become “his” Eve, and 2) to learn together how to become more like Christ, living as His radiant and redeemed Bride, “His” Eve.

It is my hope to encourage all women that we aren’t defined by our relationship status (married, divorced, single, engaged, dating, or widowed). We are defined by our relationship with Christ. We are holy, redeemed, and fiercely loved by the God and Creator of this Universe. BHE will explore how we live in response to His invitation to live a grace-filled life as women of purpose, passion, and faith.

Hannah Williams,

creator, writer, and content manager for Becoming His Eve

May 2015


  1. Keela McIntyre

    Very good advice on idols. I’m yet to read the rest. I rarely have Internet. Which is sad so I’ll read up while I can. Bless you. 💜💜


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